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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon vs. Silverwolf
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Download: 1.34 MB
Review # 3 for Silverwolf
Them's Fightin' Words
    A sheep turning into a youma? There is something definately wrong! With the powers of the Sailor Scouts we will triumph!

Yep. Everyone loves them. Those wonderful Sailor Moon fan game RPGs. Each has its own special touch, but in the end, it's still Sailor Moon. This game was different though, to say the least. The graphics fit well, they weren't sloppy and misplaced like most beginner games. The music fit the mood, although it was ripped. The battles were well done, except Queen Beryl wooped my ass (I'm assuming you have to be a higher level than 6 to beat her). Therefor, I won't be able to report on anything past this point of the game (which isn't much, sorry).

Moving on, there was the question of Bugs/typos/gameplay. Yes, there was one bug I found. A bug that happens to me alot on scripts (until I fix it...heh). There was the bug of the whole sailor moon movie transformation running through, which looked VERY good, but at the end it made the textbox that triggered the script run again. Besides this, the gameplay was 'poifect' as the 'make your toikey poikey' lady would say.

No, this game wasn't a bad start for a first try at game creation. Then again, I wouldn't reccomend it if you don't like Sailor Moon (like myself).
Final Scores
Graphics: 9/10.0
Pretty good...I think they were original?
Storyline: 9/10.0
From what I could tell so far it had a pretty sturdy storyline.
Gameplay: 8/10.0
There was a slight bug in the transformation from sailor moon regular person into Sailor Moon. I'm not a big fan of Sailor Moon, therefor the game wasn't as enjoyable to me as it may be to those diehard fans.
Music: 5.5/10.0
Ripped, but some of it set the mood.
Overall Grade: B
Final Thoughts
    Frankly, I don't like Sailor Moon, but this game kicked Spirit Master's ass. And to satisfy the needs of all you Sailor Moon haters out there who are reading this and saying 'Wha!?' I will add this comment for you: Perhaps a more appropriate title for this game would be Sailor Moon: Return of an RPG that has been created many times before.  

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