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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon vs. Chaos Nyte
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Download: 1.34 MB
Chaos Nyte
Review # 39 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    Wondering about the size of this fan game? It's so big because Moon Buggie included two fully running animated cut scenes of clips from the TV show. A nice touch.

Storyline- Queen Beryl, nemesis of Sailor Moon, is plotting revenge on Sailor Moon, even though they are in two different dimensions. So after laughing evilly for awhile, the scene shifts to Serena, Sailor Moon, who is walking along, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly she's attack by some sort of wax creature. After destroying it, she senses evil, and decides to call together the Sailor Scouts. So she has to go to the Hino Shrine, where the scouts hang out, I guess. Of course the roads blocked, so she and Rei, the sailor scout of fire, who she finds along the way, kill more waxy creatures, board a train and go to the shrine. There they meet up with some old mentor dude, and two other scouts. One of them, Ami joins. The other doesn't, because though the world is at stake, she's got some errands to run. Then the old guy summons Beryl, and she attacks Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon beats the holy shit out her, and she runs away uttering threats. ...this game is so lame. Anyway, then you decide to go to the Illusion Forest for some reason, and after going through a swamp, a cave, and climbing a mountain, the scouts decide that they must of missed the forest somehow, and that they'll head back by means of a teleporter pad. But before they can get there, another one of Beryl's henchwoman show up, Anzite, and you fight. She's even easier to beat then Beryl was, but after the battle, she claims that she willshow you her true power, and the game freezes. That's right. I played through it twice, and there's a scripting error. I guess Moon Buggie couldn't be bothered to finish his own damn game. Dialogue and spelling was good.

Graphics- Hmm...battle backgrounds ripped from Final Fantasy 4. Wee. Walkabouts and the like are good, and the battle stuff is very nice, though I have a feeling it's also very ripped. Still, the game does look pretty, and there's only so much original stuff you can put into a fan game.

Gameplay- Battles got from embarrassingly easy to painfully tough. There's some turtles in the swamp that can kill off your team in a few hits, and you can't run from them. What were you thinking Moon Buggie? The town of Juuban is very nicely done, though the indoor areas are confusing. Shops offered well priced goods. The Illusion Forest is very lame though, and at the end of it is a cave. Beneath the swamp. Right. Then you get out of there and there's a poorly drawn mountain. I wish Moon Buggie had actually bothered to keep the game consistent.

Music- Ripped from the show I'm guessing. Not bad, pretty well placed.
Final Scores
Graphics: 6/10.0
Let's keep the blatant ripping down to a minimum, shall we?
Storyline: 4/10.0
I do not look kindly on people who can't finish playing there own games.
Gameplay: 7/10.0
The Illusion...swamp?
Music: 8/10.0
Well chosen. Must of been hard though, choosing music for a fan game.
Overall Grade: B-
Final Thoughts
    This might have been bad a scripting error prevents you from finishing the demo. Very lame, Moon Buggie.  

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