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BJ's Peanut Adventure vs. Dvool
BJ's Peanut Adventure
Download: 43 KB
Review # 31 for Dvool
Them's Fightin' Words
    You're BJ, a blonde haired boy seeking to destroy a great evil. What is that great evil? Yea, you guessed it, a giant peanut. Ok... maybe you didn't guess that, but oh well. Mr. Peanut, watch your back! There's another giant peanut out there looking to take over the world! And of course, only our hero Bj can stop him.

My favorite part about this game was the title screen. Why? I'm not sure... it's just a black screen with the title on it, and 2 brown circles with eyes in the shape of a peanut. But for some reason I really liked that peanut. I think we may have bonded even.

Having that said, that's about the only thing I really liked in this game. There was no intro. I can let that pass as long as SOMETHING happens in the beginning to give you any motivation to start playing. Nope that didn't happen either though. In the your house you talk to your mom, who tells you that you are finally ready to fight the evil peanut. Ok then.

For some reason you start out at level 56. I'm guessing it's to show that he's been training for this day. After talking to your mom, you are ready to go buy equipment with the money you have. Then it's time to enter some warp looking thing that transports you to the isle of peanuts.

The battles are very annoying. You only have 1 attack, no spells. The peanuts hit you over and over taking 1 damage. For some reason the peanuts attack themselves by dropping peanuts on themselves, which takes a heck of a lot more damage than you can dish out. So essentially, you cannot press anything and still win the fight. When you win a fight you get peanuts for items. If you use these peanuts out of battle, it will heal you. If you use it in battle, a peanut drops on you and takes a good chunk of your life. I don't know if this was intentional, but it was more confusing than funny to me.

Once you are able to get through the hordes of rampaging peanuts, you reach the evil red peanut. We're never told why he is evil. I'm guessing it's because he's red. Hey, makes sense to me. Since there are no spells, all you can do is hold "enter," wait awhile, and you beat the game! Yippee! Again, I don't understand why the peanuts with him drop peanuts on their own boss, taking 10x as much damage as you can.

After all the peanut craziness, you are rewarded the ending screen. Which informs you that the author made the game in 4 days. Why would you only spend 4 days on an RPG? I don't understand. Especially when it's as buggy and not too funny as this.
Final Scores
Graphics: 6.5/10.0
The graphics were o.k. The peanut graphics looked kinda bad, but I never drew a peanut before, and I'm not sure I could do any better.
Storyline: 3.5/10.0
The plot was silly. And actually has potential to be pretty amusing, but there was really no funny dialogue. If the author tried to make it not so simple, or put more humor in it, then the game wouldn't be half bad.
Gameplay: 2/10.0
There really wasn't that much game play. There is very little to do in this game, and the battles are long and tedious and aren't challenging at all.
Music: 6/10.0
The music comes straight from the file. I'm pretty sure it was just 3 songs in all. The songs weren't that bad though, so I'll give him a 6.
Overall Grade: D
Final Thoughts
    If the author focuses more on humor or... umm... something, then this game would be worth playing. But what can you really expect from a game that took 4 days to make?  

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