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Sailor Moon: Another Dimension vs. Pepsi Ranger
Sailor Moon: Another Dimension
David De Leon
Download: 1000 KB
Pepsi Ranger
Review # 20 for Pepsi Ranger
Them's Fightin' Words
    The storms rise, the innocents fall, and the nightmare begins. The dimensional shift has happened, but no one knows how. Well, somebody has to know, but finding the knowledgeable ones of the world would require a feat greater than climbing a building without a rope. Unfortunately, the knowledgeable ones aren't the ones stuck in a negative reality. We are, and we're upset.

Let's get more specific. Serena, some blonde girl in a sailor's uniform, gets sucked into a dimensional shift on her way to school. Certainly something like that should improve her day, but it doesn't. Instead she is faced with the horrible dilemma of being lost in some crazy town with a cave and a river maze in its outskirts to add to her confusion. But, Serena's a tough girl who only cries and whines when it's necessary, so she does what she can to figure out what's going on, and to find a way back home. Of course, as she gets a handle on her little problem, she discovers that some of her other Sailor Scout friends were sucked in as well. As it turns out, a witch named Jasmine thought sucking them into the Nega-Verse would help her harness their power for her own malicious deeds. Even though Jasmine's efforts seem foolish to the common hero, since she's a supervillain who is bound to lose the fight, our five girls and their cat do what they can to stop her anyway. This means going through a number of obstacles from caves, to ice caves, to rooms inside caves to end the terrible threat of…something that doesn't seem so awful yet.

Anyway, that's the basic gist of the story from what I've gathered. But, before I continue with this review, I must post a disclaimer.

The Disclaimer:

I don't watch Sailor Moon, nor do I know anything about it. A girl at work told me that Sailor Moon has a sister who is actually her daughter in another dimension (which I find very odd), but that's about it. Aside from that, I really don't feel I'm qualified to give an accurate review of this game (which is why I waited so long to check it out). Therefore, I decided to let my eight-year-old sister play the game instead and base this review on her opinions. After all, she knows something about the show.

So, to make things clear to everyone reading this, this review does not exclusively reflect my thoughts. I'm not saying everything here will be completely representative of an eight-year-old girl's thoughts, but for the most part…just read the review.

The Review:

"It was fun," according to my little sister. Okay, what does that mean exactly? It's hard to say. She had fun finding all the Sailor Scouts, saying things like, "Ooh, there's Amy," and "Ooh, there's Lita," to name a few things. I guess that's good. She also wanted to keep playing it, so that must've had some potential too. Some of the battles proved to be a bit difficult for her, but once she learned to hold down the spacebar during the attack cycle, the game got easier. She also enjoyed going into the houses and talking to people. Yeah, maybe that's a given to any RPG game, but the kid liked it, so what difference does it make? She thought the graphics were okay, even though it wasn't much of a concern to her. In truth, every time I asked her what she thought about the graphics, she would talk about something different, so the look was next to irrelevant. She also liked the cat. Other things she enjoyed included…well, just about everything. Granted, she skipped through dialogue boxes from time to time, and she managed to freeze the game at least once, but for the most part she found it to be an entertaining experience. She sang along with the theme song, even though she only knew the chorus, and she named the Sailor Scouts whenever one was found, so it was something worth playing in her opinion.

But, even eight-year-olds have things they don't like about games. In this game, she wasn't crazy about J
Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10.0
Even though my sister didn't take much notice to the graphics and would just assume give them a ten anyway, I still took notice of them and felt that they had strong maptiles, but blocky walkabouts. Of course, that sort of forces it to cancel itself out, bringing the score to a little above average. But, when taking in consideration the nasty looking backgrounds, but the nicely translated anime cutscenes, the score evens itself out again. Therefore, if I were to take my score of six and average it with her score of ten, we come up with the final score of...
Storyline: 7.5/10.0
I should get something straight here. The story is not bad. I was bored with it because I can't relate to the characters, but if this were an original RPG game, I would say the story has a definite appeal to it. The twists keep it interesting, and enough stuff happens to keep things thick. However, the story still moved just a bit too fast, and as a non-Sailor Moon fan, I really didn't care about it. My sister on the other hand thought the story was good. I'm assuming that "good" means not quite excellent, therefore her score for the storyline would have to be an eight. I could be wrong, but the review is in my hands now, so we're gonna call it an eight. Since I think the story still goes somewhere, regardless of whether or not I liked it, I think it deserves at least a seven. When morphing our scores into one, we can safely say that the storyline deserves a...
Gameplay: 6.5/10.0
Ah, the gameplay. Is there really anything to say about the gameplay? Since I didn't play it very much, I can't really comment on the gameplay. However, my sister thought it "wasn't very easy, but was kind of easy." I guess that means a six roughly. I will agree that there were a few things (like the hawks) that made the game feel unbalanced, but it wasn't the most horrible thing I've known. At least the tough paths were subtly revealed, so the player never had to be lost at any given moment. But, in all things considered, there were plenty of dull times, so I'm limiting my score to a six as well. Since two sixes average to a six, that must mean the overall score for gameplay is a...
Music: 8.5/10.0
Music: Since everything else in this game is ripped, I imagine the music is too. It still sounds pretty good regardless, and my sister sang along with the theme song, so I have nothing to complain about. My personal score for music would have to be a 7.5 or so, which I believe is substantial for this piece. Since she thinks the music is "very good," I'll take that to mean a 9.5 on her behalf. Therefore, our two scores averaged would mean a music rating of...
Overall Grade: B-
Final Thoughts
    Okay, now for the big one. What can one really expect from a Sailor Moon game? If a fan picks this game up and gives it a serious chance, he or she may be pleasantly surprised. However, if a non-fan picks this game up and gives it a would be wise to lock all doors and board up all windows, and hope he doesn't come looking for a way to break tension. So, to sum up the scores for the game's overall appeal, eight-year-old girls would gladly give it a ten, but guys like me would say four at the absolute best. The kid loved it, but I cheered when it was over. Anyway, here's the combined score...  

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