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Mystic Sky vs. Moogle1
Mystic Sky Ooh, scary.
Download: 150 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 45 minutes
Review # 2 for Moogle1 Ooh, scary.
Them's Fightin' Words
    This review is the first in my Reminescence Reviews Series. Since this is also my first OHR game, that is fitting.

Mystic Sky is a typical newbie game in many aspects. I was almost ashamed to put the game on here, but it does have some redeeming qualities. Let's take a look.

    Okay, for those who have played my more recent games (Sheep Rancher comes to mind, for instance), you may notice that the maptiles in this game are pretty well the best I ever came up with. The only real problem with them is that they tend to be pretty uneven and boxy. Still, the shadow from the houses still impresses me. (I still remember how long that took, too.)

The walkabouts in this game fall under the category of "nothing special," though the battle graphics are strangely appealing. Overall, there's not too much eye candy here, though you won't get tired of looking at the game (it's over too quick for that).

    Story? What? Where?

Oh, that. Yeah, this is a newbie game, so expect to play as me and my friends. Don't expect any cohesion with the plot events nor any motivation for Adam and his buddies to go questing and try to save the world. It's one of those things that, for the sake of RPGery, has to be done.

    I'm actually kind of impressed here, even after all these years. The game has a few gems in the gameplay area.

    Most importantly, you can collect little "Summon Spheres" that, when used on enemies in battle, summon allies that attack the baddies until the battle ends. You start out with one, which makes the first (inevitable) boss battle much easier. You probably won't notice that on your own, but you can beat the battle without it.

Later, the game kind of points them out to you. They never are necessary, but they throw in a nice twist to the tedium of spacebar-battles. Adam's spells are useful, but they're the only abilities you'll ever need or use besides your items.

  Map Design
    Pretty straightforward. There's nothing intriguing here, though after years of playing subpar RPGs (and I'm not just talking about OHR RPGs here), you are probably used to this.

    Actually somewhat challenging. If you have the patience to play through this, you may find yourself having to think in the battles, particularly that first one (see above), into which you are thrown with no chance to level up.

    It's all public domain or original. I was big on not ripping, which I remember got me into a bit of a squall with Mattgamerr back in the day. It's not too bad, but expect quite a bit from the included BAM library.

    This is the kind of game that you'll only play to check out the summon spheres or to see what Moogle1's first game was like. If you're looking for a game to enjoy, pass this one by.

Final Blows
    If you do download this game, you won't be wasting much time -- it's a short game and the Summon Spheres are still a novel idea. If you're not looking for a good way of making your battle system interesting, then don't bother with this one.

If you're wondering, it's not Biblical allusion: I actually have a friend named Noah.

If you're wondering, it's not Biblical allusion: I actually have a friend named Noah.
Final Scores
Graphics: 6/10.0
Graphical retrogression or did I just not care later on? Either way, "Mystic Sky" sports some of my best maptiles ever.
Storyline: 1/10.0
There is none to speak of, plus it's a game about my friends and me. I give it no points.
Gameplay: 3/10.0
The Summon Spheres were a great idea. Everything else is pretty lacking.
Music: 5/10.0
Props for not ripping. It's not going to win "Soundtrack of the Year" anytime soon, though.
Enjoyment: 2/10.0
If you want to see the Summon Spheres, give it a look. If not, don't bother.
Overall Grade: F+
Final Thoughts
    It stands out from most newbie games because of the Summon Spheres. That said, it's still a newbie game.  

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