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Hyperion Rush vs. Chaos Nyte
Hyperion Rush
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Chaos Nyte
Review # 34 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    There's a feeling you get when you play a newbie game. A deep down pride that says; "Sure, this game took me over two hours to finish, and sure it's total shit, and just because the author didn't bother to finish playing it doesn't mean I have any right not too." That feeling you get when you know that your one of the few who will ever play this game, this thing. It's not a good feeling, but it sure does make you hate Dragon Ball Z.

Xelmis is a "merc", who is given control of three poorly drawn soldiers and then told to wander through a field of rocks and dirt, kill a member of the Imperial Army, say yippee, and then have everyone die in an ambush that involves tanks. ... Well, everyone but Xelmis, who runs back home to tell his good friend Geoffrey that he escaped in time with the help of a mysterious voice. Geoffrey is glad to see the hero, because he has some sort of atomic blue badger attached to his skull. Oh wait. That's his hair. Nevermind. Anyway, Geoffrey has to deliver a package to someone down south, and of course, Xelmis agrees to go. It's never pointed out how the package managed to get to such a out of the way place as Kadowaki City, which, in accordance to RPG town rules, has four houses. Wee. They travel south to the "Insignificant Woods" where the player gets to spend almost two hours leveling up, so he can get some poorly animated attacks and, afford some armor that doesn't raise your defense high enough to actually DEFEND. After you've worked your way through the forest, you get to fight a tank. Yes, that's right. A tank. That you can't outrun. In the middle of the woods. Yep. Tanks are notorious for being able to plow through forests. Of course, to be fair, the trees look like bushes. On acid. ANYWAY, after defeating the tank, (That's right, two guys can destroy a tank.) the tank MUTATES, turning blue. All would be lost, but the game creator himself appears! He then joins you for one battle, where he proceeds to do enough damage to blow it up in one hit! (Talk about an inflated ego) And don't try running from the battle, or OHR will freeze! The tank proceeds to explode, blowing Xelmis twenty miles east into the small town of Qeynos. Oh wait. That's what's suppose to happen. What actually happens, thanks to some bad plotscripting and the fact that the creator didn't play through his game, is you end up trapped in the walls of Yosonoke City! Newbie can't even play his own game! Thanks a lot, moron! So just use F11 to back track to Qeynos, where you can activate some text boxes that move the plot along. You get your third team member, Roll, a fat girl with some serious hair problems. She joins up, and after you meet back up with Geoffrey in Yosonoke, you get tolearn that the package held the Crystal of Air! "gasp!" And do you have to collect the rest of the crystals? Of course! First you have to beat up Double Dragon. I'm not quite sure why. After that, though, you can head south to Rison Castle! Which doesn't exist! Because the creator either forgot to put an "End Demo" message, or didn't place a door! God damned newbies!

Graphics: The total number of map tiles in the game could fit on one tile set, the battle backgrounds are ripped from the FF series, and the heroes have legs made of spaghetti. And it's all UGLY. Vegeta's art skills slowly got better as the game goes on, resulting in way to much time spent drawing Roll's breasts, and still making her look the like a giant red rectangle. Just awful. He couldn't even find the time to make the tank's treads all the same sizes.

Gameplay- Let's see...armor and weapons that don't help at all, enemies that don't give any where near the correct exp, and there not even normal enemies, you get to fight stuff like "Deformed Bird", and "Bug". You have to wonder what kind of person would stop every ten steps to attack bugs. Poorly designed maps, to small towns, and banal townspeople, this is a new bie game, through and through.

Music: Ripped, and placed well. Maybe I have just have a thing for Earthbound songs.
Final Scores
Graphics: 1/10.0
The games ugly, and even worse, it's not even uniform ugly. It's random, lazy game creator ugly.
Storyline: 1/10.0
If I ever find Vegeta007, I will murder him for making me go through this.
Gameplay: 1/10.0
Maybe you want to fix all the huge plotscripting errors you didn't notice because you didn't bother to play your own game.
Music: 8/10.0
To bad you didn't try this hard anywhere else.
Overall Grade: F-
Final Thoughts
    Another awful newbie game to add to the pile. Don't download, don't play.  

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