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Land of the Mystics vs. Chaos Nyte
Land of the Mystics
Download: 351 KB
Chaos Nyte
Review # 31 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    One of the oldest and longest OHR games out there, Land of the Mystics proves that you don't need top notch graphics to make a good game.

Storyline: The story takes ten hours to go through, so going over it piece by piece would be stupid. Basically, on the planet Riga, there were two races that coexisted, the humans and mystics. They lived in harmony until one day all of the mystics just disappeared, leaving behind everything they owned. Now a hundred years later, there back, but this time, the mystics are attacking humans. So a boy named Max embarks on a journey to find his father, and to learn about the mystic's plan.It's not the most creative story ever told, but it is done well, and there a plenty of scenes that incite anger or pity for the characters. The dialogue is quite good, with spelling intact. The only thing you should look out for is that this is an old game, before plotscripting and many of the other innovations of OHR. So don't go in expecting amusing sidegames and, animated cutscenes. This hardcore RPGing.

Graphics: I'm not gonna skip around here. The graphics are plain at best. The characters look like deformed lego people, any enemy that isn't a boss is on the small side, and all the towns in the game use the same maptiles.But, after you've played for awhile, you realize it doesn't really matter. Matt created a fully realized ten hour game. The graphics aren't the best, but if your looking for pretty, go download the Sprite version of this game. Which is a lot shorter but very pretty. That is, if your so shallow you need great graphics to make a game fun.

Gameplay: Hmm. A mixed bag. This game is HARD, all enemies can pummel you, and leveling up with the spacebar held down is unthinkable, especially later in the game. This brings me back to the glory days of Lufia and the FF series for SNES, where games where hard or nothing. Reaching level 99 in those games required and almost suicidal level of effort. Your forced to outlast bosses, since until there magic points are gone there going to beat the holy mother loving shit out of you. This leads to twenty minute battles with people like Garz, and you might wonder why I don't just give up. Of course, as a reviewer, it's wrong not to completely review a game. But also, when your fighting someone like Garz, you just can't stand to see some pansy with black lip stick on kick your ass. On the other hand, there's a bunch of spells in the game that are useless and expensive, and there's nothing like blowing a thousand gold on a spell that does one damage. Still, as long as you save before you buy, it's not really a problem.

Music: Ripped from Lufia and FF series, placed well.
Final Scores
Graphics: 5/10.0
Decent, but you should remember this is a ten hour game made by one person.
Storyline: 9/10.0
Wonderfully told, with amusingly life like characters.
Gameplay: 7/10.0
Like games that make you scream and hit the monitor? I do.
Music: 9/10.0
Really captures the mood of the map your on.
Overall Grade: B+
Final Thoughts
    Enjoyable to the end, it takes a real OHRer to beat this monster of a game.  

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