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Castle Paradox
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    1) Moyos Theme by Obright
    2) Hydra Shrine by Obright
    3) Ode by Obright
    4) Hellas Theme by Obright
    5) Cave Dweller by Obright
Eternal Warriors vs. Chaos Nyte
Eternal Warriors
Download: 52 KB
Chaos Nyte
Review # 29 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    Ooo. Another newbie game. But surprisingly, for a less then five minute demo, this one held my interest.

Storyline: The demo comes with a readme that talks about the future game and outlines the plot. In the actual demo, Prince Arthur joins up castle guard Damien as they wander around Castle Falgard wondering where everyone is. They end up beating up a troll/human guy named Kyle for his foul mouth, go through the castle library’s collection of playboys, and then try to leave the castle, only to be told the demo is over.

Time to beat- Three minutes.

Dialogue- Entertaining, chuckle worthy.

Graphics: Very unique style, well done battle graphics. Arthur strikes me as a brunette Fabio, only more air-headed. A step above typical newbie.

Gameplay: Castle Flagard is compact and well designed, with interesting treasure chests and plenty of things to talk too. Again, the demo is really to short to award high marks.
Final Scores
Graphics: 7/10.0
Some effort was put into the graphical side of this three minute demo.
Storyline: 4/10.0
It's been done before, but never this amusingly.
Gameplay: 4/10.0
Fabio bones up on his reading. Hehe. I made a funny.
Music: 1/10.0
Doesn't exist.
Overall Grade: C+
Final Thoughts
    Though Eternal Warriors really shouldn't of been released yet, I am looking forward to any more demos of it.  

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