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Castle Paradox
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    1) Moyos Theme by Obright
    2) Hydra Shrine by Obright
    3) Ode by Obright
    4) Hellas Theme by Obright
    5) Cave Dweller by Obright
Ends of the Earth vs. Pscyo2000
Ends of the Earth
Download: 1.61 MB
Review # 20 for Pscyo2000
Them's Fightin' Words
    When a game stays on the need-to-review list long enough for a sequel to come out, it's time to review it. I don't say this about many games, only a few. Final Fantasy 7, Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8, Sonic Adventure, the Zelda series. Thats about it. So here it goes; Oh Hell Yeah!!!

This is without a doubt THE best OHR game I have ever played. From the moment Centaurus is banished for wanting to leave his home town, to when the Gryphons demand a hero for sacrifice, to the final battle with the darkest of Centaurs. This is the most in depth, creative, innovative, and truly inspired game available for the OHR. I am hard-pressed to say anything bad about it. Okay, next paragraph. I'm getting too serious here.

Graphics are incredible. Backdrops for battles are the most realistic I have seen for this engine. Battle graphics and maptiles are incredible, and NPCs are pretty good. They look a little goofy, but if you take into account that they are all fantasy creatures, that allows a little bit of slack. I have only seen one, ONE, bad attack graphic, 2 backdrops, and maybe, maybe one enemy. MAYBE! Boss monsters are huge! The second to last area you have to go is....well.... FRIGGIN' INCREDIBLE!!! All enemies fall under six categories, Shadow, Lightning, Fire, Water, Crystal, and Earth. The only complaint I have is that all the heroes start at level 0. The enemies are to hard to fight at this level. But that's easily fixed by pussing Ctl-F5 during battle once. Get the life potion first so it doesn't detract enough to lower the score.
Final Scores
Graphics: 10/10.0
Abso-freakin'-lutly incedible!!
Storyline: 10/10.0
Hey, the dude's looking for another of his kind. It's kinda cheesy at the end, but it's all good!
Gameplay: 10/10.0
Always something pushing you foward. Back and forth ad nauseum may get a bit annoying, but again, it's forgiveable.
Music: 10/10.0
All original, and all good!!
Overall Grade: A+
Final Thoughts
    Get it!! It's cool!! Later kiddies!  

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