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Castle Paradox
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 1) 2 hits
+2 virtual schoolv0point5 by Shadow_outlaw_X aka Chappell J
+1 Timestream Saga Second Edition by Fenrir-Lunaris
+1 Tri-Tear Revolution by Sparoku
 2) 1 hits
+1 OHR Trading Card Game, The by Moogle1
-1 Final Fantasy H by Fenrir-Lunaris
Deleted Game vs. RedMaverickZero
Deleted Game Jesus has screwed over CN so many times in this damn show and it's still funny. Haha.
Download: 122B
Play Time: hours and 10x9 minutes
Review # 42 for RedMaverickZero Jesus has screwed over CN so many times in this damn show and it's still funny. Haha.
Them's Fightin' Words
    There are hundreds of games on Castle Paradox. Some aren't even really games. Some are just... how can I put it, screenshots with text. Then a percentage of the games up on CP have some decency to them. However there aren't many. And one of the all time best OHR games isn't even a game... It's an OHR Relaity Show.
    There are no hero sprites, enemy sprites, or anything involiving battle. Due to the fact that there are no battles in this game that you can fight. But there are several walkabouts and maptiles done for this game.
Walkabouts are above average in terms of decency. Everyone looks like who they are supposed to be. Chaos Nyte looks like Harry Potter, and Lucier looks like Faye Valentine. All of them animate fairly decently and dispite the fact that none of the characters really show emotions and are just one set of walkabouts wandering around, they seem to still look good in this world/House. If you have ever seen such reality shows as Real World, or ummm... well that's the only one I really know next to Survivor and those other crappy ones they have on Fox all the time. But, it's pretty much like Real World. The house is a house, and every room is decorated differently. Gizmog1's room has a heart shaped bed for "lovin". Shadowiii's has a clarinet and boy band pictures. It's very detailed none the less. And in one point of the game there is a jacuzzi. The OHR House inhabitants visit many places, and in these places the graphics are new. Not the best, but they still allow the same flow of laughter that you would have either way. Overall, a nice above average job.
The backdrops are one of the more humorous parts too. See, the characters look nothing like they do in real life, but they are all the most sterotypical representations of themselves. CN, being Harry Potter, for the fact that he looks like him. Rinku is Link, simply because he loves Zelda. The list goes on. And the fact of how ripped these backdrops look will make you laugh.
    The story is simple. 10 OHRers are competing for one million OHR Bucks to support their cause. However, each character is unique in their conquest for the bucks.

Shadowiii-He's pretty much the wuss of the house. Frightened by everything and is continuoslly teased about playing the clarient. He's trying to win the money to get his grandparents into a retirement home.

Lucier-She's ummm... The only girl in the house. And what makes it funnier is the fact that she hits on everyone in the house. And after a while, when no one really likes her, she starts assuming people are gay. But before her dramatic dismal, two of the OHRers with her fall for her. She's trying to earn money to buy a plane ticket away from her broken home.

Minnek & Sew- They're not one character, but at times they think they are. Because the main thing they do at OHRHouse is watch the TV. And not soaps and after school specials. Nope, they watch anime. Day in and day out. They both think they're Japanese which is hilarious in itself. They both want to spend their money on anime.

Chaos Nyte-My favorite character in OHR House. He is arrogant, and loves to hog the shower. He's trying to win the cash to beat his sinister rival Fyrewulf at a bet.

Gizmog1-Like how Lucier is the only chick in the house, Gizmog is the only black dude. Gizmog will spend his money on bling, drugs, and whores. He continuoslly bitches out Shadowiii for being a wussy white kid.

Eggie-I don't really know if anyone liked Eggie in OHR House other than the fact that he got bitched at A LOT. Everytime he came back, either Jesus or someone else would just tell him to shut up. He plans to spend his money on charities (AKA "marijuana").

JSH357-He's the one everyone assumed from the beginning was gay. With "secrets" no one is supposed to know he tries to fix the show in his favor. And he plans to spend all of the OHRBucks on the stock market to make even more money.

Leroy Leo-This guy is weird... He is the annoying one of the house and plans to spend his money to help support what? Communisim. Even though Leroy never mentioned that in the game really, he just pesters people until they make him cry.

Rinku-The quiet type. He acts like he doesn't want to be in the House. He just wants the money. And that's the attitude he displays in the House as well. He's in it to build his ultimate desire, an Airship.

Over the course of OHR House you'll see the cast listed above go off on a large variety of events. After a while the storyline kind of drops down in quality. The first five weeks are pretty good. But I suppose JSH lost inerest in it after a while. Anyways, the characters work perfectally together and depend on one another to show their true nature. That is CN couldn't be a shower hog if there wasn't a humungous line to get into it. It's a very generic story, but for the fact that the character development is so nice you can't help but love it. You really get into the game.
    The player doesn't do anything but press the Enter key. No interaction really. But it's not a game, it's an OHR movie. And it's done very well. Each episode runs about 10 minutes long. So you do the math, 10 minutes by like 9 weeks. This game has a ton of time invested into it and you'll sometimes find yourself going back because you loved these episodes so much. I would say the best way to enjoy this OHR flick is to have watched it while it was progressing. Because half the fun of this game was voting for your favorite character to stay in the house. That was the only real interaction between the player and the game really.  
  Map Design
    Maps were basically rooms and areas. Every room was the size of a backdrop so everything was always in focus of the camera. So if the OHRers were eating dinner or one of them was getting yogurt from the fridge you could see them all. The kitchen looked fairly big when it was empty and it still had that feel even when it was full. The jacuzzi room was a room that definitely gave off a feeling of largeness. This is definitely a great example of making due with a little bit.  
    At first, when there are so many OHRers in the house, it's hard to really say which character has been focused on the most. But after a while the show becomes balanced not in gameplay, not in story, but in the way the characters were developed. And the way you grow to love each character individually. So the balance between character development is definitely there, although it doesn't start out too well it progresses into something great.  
    Holy fucking shit! This is probally the best part of the show. Every character had such nice tunes that it was easy to tell who was talking or at least in the room if you were accross the house and you had your volume cranked up real high. The two most recognizable were probally Sew and Minnek's and then ChaosNytes. They were the two best I could have ever thought of. They fit the character's personalities and set the mood perfectally for the game. All the music is ripped, but I don't really care. It's brilliant.  
    This was the best time I have ever spent on the OHR. I found myself falling out of chair laughing at certain points of the game. Every little part of the game added to make the game more enjoyable. Dispite times when the game could have had a little more, it was still great. Because of the development of repition with the characters, you didn't care what was happening, you just wanted to see more of the show.  
Final Blows
    JSH, you have made a hit classic that everyone will remember forever. It hopefully will rise up to compete for the number one spot with FFH. And no matter how good the sequel is, it will never be as good as the original. Congratulations JSH. You have made trully made an accomplishment.
Even until the bitter end, everyone thinks JSH is gay, haha.

Even until the bitter end, everyone thinks JSH is gay, haha.
Final Scores
Graphics: 8.5/10.0
Nothing like Blu Eternal or TSSE, but OHR House wouldn't have the same atmosphere without the sprites and ripped backdrops that it has.
Storyline: 10/10.0
The best character development I have seen in a very very long time. And the way they interact is priceless.
Gameplay: 8/10.0
Not much interaction other than the voting. And if you are just now downloading this game, then well, sorry... It still has short and funny episodes to make you laugh.
Music: 9.5/10.0
Ripped, but placed perfectally.
Enjoyment: 10/10.0
You'll laugh til you sides ache, what can I say?
Overall Grade: A
Final Thoughts
    An OHR Classic has been born.  

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