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ORBituaries: Spherical Disasters vs. Chaos Nyte
ORBituaries: Spherical Disasters
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Chaos Nyte
Review # 24 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    A boy. A boy named Josh whoís afraid of girls. A boy named Josh whoís afraid of girls is whisked away to become the savior of planet Geometra. A boy named Josh whoís afraid of girls is whisked away to become the savior of planet Geometra, and suddenly becomes a martial arts master who decides on his own to rescue the planet from the grasp of a mysteriously cloaked madman. So is this a newbie game? You bet it is.

Plot- Perhaps itís the oh so standard OHR plot of the creator of the game and his band of friends, (including the girl he likes but is too shy to ask out) fighting an evil organizations whose reason for causing so much pain and suffering is because ďthey were boredĒ. Or maybe itís how the total number of NPCs in the game, not counting enemies and shopkeepers, isnít any higher then a dozen. It could be because the characters are so lifeless and 2d, lacking backgrounds or even explanations as to why they donít miss their former life. Regardless of the reasons, ORBís plot comes off as a another bland bunch of poorly thrown together conflicts and a demo ending that leaves the player grateful itís over.

Graphics- Average. Though Josh is hunched over when he walks up, and I canít say the battle graphics of anyone impress me, there werenít any huge, game destroying flaws. The scene in Riemannia made up for the rather pathetic Bossís castle and surrounding lands. I suggest you work more with moving tiles Uncy, the water needs work. Also, reading the signs in Euclidea turned them into rocks. Bizarre.

Battles- Good use of attacks for heroes, though I disliked how Orb of Death lost all of its cool skills after it joined my team. Enemies, while bland looking, were well balanced, if a little easy. My biggest gripe is the lack of skills in the enemies, other then the fight with the Orb of Death, most enemies could pummeled by holding down control.

Maps- Hmm. Far too many pointless areas in the game, and the Bossís castle is exactly whatís wrong in RPGs today. No one would ever create such a poorly designed castle, and the land surrounding it was stupid. The houses in the port town should of just been cut out, or at least been given closed doors.

Enjoyment- Though the game didnít really grab me by the collar and scream for me to have fun, I did enjoy saving the dwarf creatures, and the mini-game was interesting, though buggy. (I had to restart three times before it worked right.) ORB is full of the entertaining kind of nonsense you normally find in newbie games, which I always enjoy. Too bad Josh never got up the courage to get together with Amy, eh?

Music- Decent choices. I wasnít really impressed with any tracks other then the boss one
Final Scores
Graphics: 5/10.0
Simply not enough effort put forth.
Storyline: 2.5/10.0
Typical Newbie.
Gameplay: 6/10.0
You'll enjoy it more than the majority of OHR games. That's not saying much.
Music: 5/10.0
You know, you can download a music creator on the GameList.
Overall Grade: C-
Final Thoughts
    Slighty less then decent. Uncy, next time I suggest you playtest your game, and not slack off at the end of the demo.  

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