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Astroboy: ARMAGEDDON...or something like that vs. BT Rhodus
Astroboy: ARMAGEDDON...or something like that
Download: 350 KB
BT Rhodus
Review # 13 for BT Rhodus
Them's Fightin' Words
    First before playing the game I recommend you read the index that is in the .zip file.It explains a little about the game before you play.The game itself is fun.You start off stopping Candyman from turning kids into... well I won't ruin it for you.The game is funny, but not to the point of being all humor and no gameplay.The characters seem alive and you can get a sense for their personalities.

There are however problems.The graphics range from beautiful art that should be in a museum to 5 year old with box of crayons.Also most of the music is straight out of Wandering Hamster.However it fits where it was put and you can tell they didn't just get whatever junk they could rip-off because they were lazy.

This isn't your standard hero gets thrown into an adventure to kill the madman who gets a kick out of enslaving the world game.It also isn't plot so thick you could cut it with a knife.It's the kind of game that doesn't try to be a rip-off of some big well known series,and doesn't try to become one of them.
Final Scores
Graphics: 6/10.0
Some are perfect,other's arent so great.
Storyline: 8.5/10.0
Very funny.I doubt there is another game like it.
Gameplay: 9.5/10.0
Very well balanced.Not like some games where you have to fight for 5 straight hours levelling up to defeat the first boss.
Music: 7/10.0
Most of it is from Wandering Hamster but it fits what happening on-screen pretty well.
Overall Grade: B+
Final Thoughts
    If you like to have a laugh and don't think an RPG needs to be serious give this a shot.If you aren't like this give it a shot anyway.You might be surprised.  

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