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Pixilation vs. Chaos Nyte
Download: 122B
Chaos Nyte
Review # 18 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    Storyline: Herbie, a pixil with ram is hired by the major of Pixil city, Sahara, to go stop Casey, another pixil with ram who is threatening to take over the world of Pixilation. Whew. A few twists and turns later, taking on more evil pixils with ram, gaining a few party members, and thrn after a tough battle against a giant red block, your forced to fight Laguna, who kills everyone in your party in one hit. At this point I screamed at my computer.The dialogue is forgetable at best, and annoying most of the time. Your not drawn into this pixilated world, since most of the actual gameplay is you fighting pixils over and over. The game takes over an hour to finish, before Laguna block kills your party off, and if the author really thinks I'm going to spend another hour raising levels, he can forget that right now. Though a pixil world is a unique structure for a game, one wonders if the author thinks people would really enjoy being pixils.

Graphics: Its a world of pixils, what would you expect? The graphics are perfect for their purpose, but several areas of the game are done poorly even for this, making the characters hard to see. Black pixils on a black background? Bad.

Gameplay: Lets see...really tough enemies at the beginning of the game, add on a bunch of useless spells, mix with lame dungeon maps that aren't even properly walled, and for a finishing touch put in a final boss boss that kills you instantly. The shops offer no defense items, only attack, which themselves become pointless since spells are so much more powerful. Healing is free in Pixil City, and the few other towns offer citizens who all repeat the same tired buzz words. We got nothing good here folks.

Music: Ripped from the editor with a few popular songs sprinkled in. Decent all around, but after hearing the battle song long enough, you'll want to turn off the sound.
Final Scores
Graphics: 4.5/10.0
Right for this game, wrong for any others.
Storyline: 2/10.0
Painful. It's like reading the General Discussion Board.
Gameplay: 1/10.0
Awful. You'll be thanking Laguna for putting you out of your misery.
Music: 3/10.0
Nothing inspiring, everythings mundane.
Overall Grade: F
Final Thoughts
    A creative concept, but an awful attempt at making a game.  

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