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    1) Discontinued game by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    2) 8-Bit Graphics Set by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    3) Spoonweaver by Spoon Weaver
    4) Bok's Expedition by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    5) Vore Day RPG by Ronin Catholic
Katamari Damacy OHR vs. Shadowiii
Katamari Damacy OHR Is this the
Download: 1.18 MB
Play Time: 1 hours and 30 minutes
Review # 44 for Shadowiii Is this the "extra courtious letter"? The one I got wasn't this polite...;_;
Them's Fightin' Words
    The theme of Fenrir's "Horrible Game Contest v. WTF" was to make a game that (basically) made the person playing it say "WTF." Or at least I think what he ment by that. Life is so confusing sometimes...with all those "self sealing" Zip-lock bags and cheese in a can...*sigh*.

At any rate, this game won. Which is interesting, because the host of the contest made it (I think he grasped the purpose of the contest more-so then the other contestants. Which makes sense...he made the contest >_< ). But it is definatly the winner of such a themed contest. The game is not for the sqirmish. It takes place in (get this) a furry whore-house, or "prostitution station" or "happy sex house" or whatever is politically correct nowadays. It seems Vulpes sat on her lazy butt watching Hitler on tv for the past few years instead of raising money to pay for her college tuition. So what else is a lady to do? Sell her body to horny men, of course!

So, as you can guess, the game is considerably offensive. If you are uncomfortable around sexual terms incuding the "style" of a woman's "bush" or various sexual positions, I'd recommend you steer clear of this game. It is most certainly "R" or (depending on what ending you get) "X" rated, so you have been warned. Why I bothered to finish beating it is beyond me (I don't enjoy sexually explicit games, even if the sexual portion is just in text), but that's probably because the game was extremely easy to beat, and required no strategy whatsoever. That was probably the biggest downside (besides the blatant sexual references, and the fact that you were running a whore-house).

Anyway, on with the review!
    As always, Fenrir churns out excellent work. Though I'm not a fan of his NPCs (their animations bug me for some reason, same with Orchard's though he told me someone else draws them), his tilemaps are downright beautiful. There is also a cheese-cake potrait of whatever women you have when you save (ie the hero graphic), and those are drawn excellently as well. The one thing I was curious about was as to why in the main whore-house the doors (which presumably lead to the room where the "business was conducted") where missing from the final release. I suppose, one customer at a time would mean you could just "do it" in the main room, but still...


Again, I'm not a super-fan of Fenrir's style. It usually involves shuffleing feet and bouncing NPCs, with little to no arm movement. There is some (in the up and down frames), but it still is a bit off. However, the drawings of the npcs themselves is top notch, well shaded, and works out well. Though Vulpes' eyes in her "down" picture freaked me out...


My only complaint is that there isn't very much variety. There is basically one couch that is slightly edited depending on which level of whorehouse you have. There is a tv and some tables, and the desk. Standard stuff like walls and floors too. Overall, it actually looks pretty nice, just bland (even at the highest level house, with all the flowers and hearts and whatnot). I'd expect a bed somewhere...>_<

Hero Portraits

Some are better then others. That...communist/russian girl (forgot her name)'s portrait wasn't very great. The rest were well done and worked out well.

There isn't one, really. There are various endings that have a "story", but the point is simple: Vulpes has run out of money to pay her college bills, and she needs some fast. She opens a whore-house, and it seems all her friends are willing to assist (for extremely small fees. That was...quite unrealistic to say the least. I'd expect them to at least take some wages whenever they "did" somebody). Then you can get verious endings where you meet Kale, fart, or whatever. There really isn't much, besides the various cameos, that keep the game interesting (and even the cameos get old really fast).


Overall, entertaining. Fenrir produces decent dialogue, though it did get old. The fact that people sometimes said different stuff was nice, and the cameos were funny the first few times, but after that you basically got sick of people coming in saying "I want it doggy style" or "Cock please" or "I want a gentle woman" or "~lelelelelelele". There wasn't enough to do and, hence, not enough dialogue to keep it spicy. But for what is there it works out fine, though it would've been funny if cameos had said different things (but that's icing on the cake. Or cupcake. Or cookie. Or whatever.)
    B.L.B. has an interesting style of gameplay, which was a nice start but really needs fleshing out before being considered "complete." Basically here is how it works: You can spend your money in three ways. Hiring more friends/hos to "work" for you, buying various positions/"shavings"/clothing (or lack thereof) for said whores, or paying off your loan. However, in order to get maximum money, you'll need to equip someone with the various attributes that apply to said person's tastes (ex: shaved and oral).

The problem is...the customer's tastes in sex change. Frequently. And only about half of the text boxes tell you or give you hints as to what they like. This was a HUGE problem. Though I'd get repeating customers, I'd basically just have to guess what they liked (because it would change every time and not tell me). The game basically turned into a walk left, mash the various buttons to advance, collect whatever money (more if you were lucky), and do this over and over and over for an hour and a half or even more (I got lucky a lot).

A great way to fix this would be to have customers like one thing (which you could figure out by maybe paying someone for information) that they ALWAYS LIKE (ex: Fenrir always likes shaved, Zidane always likes thongs, etc.), and if you give them THAT they get a certain bonus. Then, when they walk up, you can also alter your characters based on said person's other tastes right now. This way you could eventually get the game "down", so to speak, and you'd fell like you were actualy using some stratagy. Right now there is no stratagy, I'm sorry to say. You walk back and forth and pray for luck to hit you. It isn't very entertaining after the first five-hundred times, and it certainly isn't entertaining for the two thousand or whatever times you have to do it.

On another note, where is the bouncer? You killed my OHR-Date 1.5 joke by not putting him in. Ah well, he would've been worth the money (stupid camoes).
    The battle against college loans. Should've applied for scholarships, Vulpes.  
  Map Design
    There is only one, and (as stated in graphics) it's spread is rather bland. I also noticed there is no wall-map around the couch...was this intentional? Another thing: Walking back and forth between the back of the desk square to the left of the back of the desk was cool, but the fact that you couldn't manually advance "Bring on the cock" until a few seconds later was REALLY irritating. I was playing another game (the PS's "Clock Tower 1") where it had a similar thing: you could advance the text, but a few ticks after the "down arrow" was displayed. This was frustrating, becuase you couldn't just tear through the text, but you didnt' know when to press "x" to advance the text. I'd recommend that you remove the delay, at least in that part (the delay for cameos was ok, though annoying after the 50th cameo). Having to wait for that every time was intolerable, and made the game even more tedious.  
    Balance basically only can be applied to the various prices of the stuff you can buy, and overall I'd say it was decently worked out (though the first house upgrade was really way too cheap). I never felt really poor, and I could always buy the various upgrades I needed (though I never really did...I didn't know what people liked! [see note in general Gameplay]).  
    You can choose from a variety of songs, most of them ripped from various games, but overall the selection was entertaining. The fact that there is a song selecter (at least once you upgrade your house at least once) was a good idea, though I did get sick of most of the songs pretty quickly. However, decent selection (a few songs from TSSE and the Legend of Cale series, I noticed), and it fit.  
    First off, you killed my bouncer joke. Second, I had no cameo (though I might take that as a compliment...I probably will never visit a whore-house in my life).

That aside ( ;) ) it provided some enjoyment for a while, but sadly it got old soon (like most "raise your points to an insane value" type games like the OHR-Date series). The fact that I had no idea of what anyone ever liked, and that the game provided little to no hints as to a stratagy I could mold myself into following was a MAJOR drawback. Also, I was quite offended by this (be proud! You accomplished what you wanted :P) in more ways then one, which lead me to really not enjoy the experience (I actually avoided opening the shop because it was so perverted. :P Interestingly enough, that didn't really effect how much money I ended up getting). I suppose you have to take the majority of this game with a grain of salt. However, the style of the game (blatantly over-offensive, somewhat like Habla No Ingles) would lead one to believe it would have a decent chunk of humor. It had a fair amount, but first it was really only in the camoes (and the opening movie :P), and second it didn't really tie in with the theme. Habla No Ingles is somewhat entertaining because the game is so blatantly sexual and it makes a joke about it (the whole GAME is a sexual joke). Mormon Mission follows the same prinicaple. Unfortunatly, I think this one falls under the "Mormon Mission" style in that it takes itself a LITTLE too seriously to be completely enjoyed. (though this isn't completely true...Mormon Mission didn't take very much of itself seriously, it was just way over the top).

At any rate, the game could use more humor to lighten the situation (and I don't mean sexual humor like "Bring on the cock"). Also, the gameplay needs some serious polishing before this game could be considered complete. But heck, it's for the "Horrible Game Contest"! Fenrir totally nailed the theme and the contest's goal.
Final Blows
    Blatantly offensive and sexual, B.L.B. is an interesting game to say the least. However, it suffers what Final Fantasy H suffers from. That is, it starts out entertaining (great graphics, interesting characters, its all fresh and new) and eventually burns into repetativity (for FFH: easy battles, long maps with seemingly no point...with BLB: repetative gameplay mechanics with no way for a player to devise a stratagy).

However, I'm not saying this game can't be fixed up a bit. It really doesn't need much to make the game entertaining for the entire thing. Maybe more features? Maybe two customers at a time? Maybe expanding the business? I don't know, brainstorming is the author's job. I do know that it needs some serious work-throughs to make it entertaing to the end (and don't just make it easier, Fenrir. That's the cheap way out ;).

I'd actually recommend it (if you are over 18 and aren't offended by seuxal furries and prostitution references. Also if you don't live in Utah :P), though you might not make it to the end. However, the gameplay mechanics are great (the random customer every time was a great touch, I know random stuff can be a pain to script), and the various attributes a various girl can get is a fantastic idea (using equips to determine the money you get was incredible...I don't know how to do that :P). Let's just hope it is polished up and finished sometime soon. Or just leave it as it is, one ot the best, most offensive worst games I've played. And the definate winner of the horrible games contest.

Whether or not this is something to be proud of up still up to you, Feneir. :)
I only gotta see this about fifteen-hundred more times before this game ends! Yiff!

I only gotta see this about fifteen-hundred more times before this game ends! Yiff!
Final Scores
Graphics: 9/10.0
Could use some more variety, but overall they all looked just great. Fenrir is certainly an accomplished graphical artist, and I envy his skill (and the fact he can pump this stuff out so fast :P).
Storyline: 4/10.0
Meh. The dialogue is good, but there needed to be more of it. The camoes were funny the first time, but after that they get old. The story itself is just filler (an excuse to make a furry prostitution game), and it doesn't really do much. The letter Vulpes gets is hilarious though (and suprisingly accurate >_<). Story: 0.5. Dialogue: 3.5.
Gameplay: 5/10.0
Mmmmm....clearly a lot of work has been put in, and it shows. However, like all great ideas, they need polishing. I wouldn't even go so far to say it is finished. However, for what it is so far it is quite good, though the fact that it is so repetative is obnoxious. The concept of multiple endings was great too (though completely unnecessary for this type of game). It lost the most points for the incredible tediousness of the thing after about fifteen minutes in.
Music: 4/10.0
Completely average. I can't say anything else about it. The jukebox was a good idea, I can say that. :P
Enjoyment: 3.5/10.0
Overall, it was entertaining. For a while. It was also very offensive (mission accomplished :P) and very...bizzare. Hitler on the TV was hilarious, by the way. :) Make it less tedious, and I'll certainly enjoy the game a lot more.
Overall Grade: C
Final Thoughts
    Good start, needs some serious polishing. Also, don't play this game if you are under age 18...though by saying that probably every 12 year old within walking distance will now download and play it. >_<  

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