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R vs. RedMaverickZero
R Believe it or not, that was one of Salom's porno pictures from his collection.
The Wobbler
Download: 152B
Play Time: hours and 30+ minutes
Review # 41 for RedMaverickZero Believe it or not, that was one of Salom's porno pictures from his collection.
Them's Fightin' Words
    This game was made for the Terrible Game Contest v1.WTF hosted by Fenrir Lunaris. It ends sometime soon, but PHC managed to finish early. When I first reviewed one of PHC's games I thought he was insane. I hadn't played Walthros, the game Walthrus ROTC was based off of, but after I did, I began to understand his humor a bit more. And then there was the Fool's Day Contest, hosted by yours trully, and Walrus Chef was made. Another side story to the characters of Walthros. And now... we find ourselves meeting with Bob and the rest of the Sky Flyers for their side story.
    Crap. However, this game isn't supposed to be played for the graphics now is it? The graphics were all generic shapes. Bob Surlaw was composed of boxes, and so was everyone else. There was absolutely no animation whatsoever from any of the heroes except Donatello and Ecco the Dolphin. Because they kind of... wiggled.

Like Walthrus ROTC, the game's graphics aren't about walkabouts and hero sprites. They're about the backdrops. They alone bring the most humor to the graphics of Gato Succio. And what makes them the most humorous is the fact that they are always completely random! You never know what the hell is going to be up next in a fight. Anything from pictures of women's breasts to screenshots of some... game? However, the graphics are obviouslly not the strong point.
    This game was released before OHR House, and it somehow reminds me of it. Except in my opinion, it's a lot funnier. You team up once again with the hilarious heroes from Walthros. Except their personalities are nothing like they were back in the game all of this madness was based of. First of all, the party consists of three characters we know all too well. Bob Surlaw, Salom Lancloven, and uhh... Glob. Then they get new characters that are completely random. Which is what I think this game specializes in. It's complete randomness. You get other heroes like crazy lobsters, annoying whales, or even a big robot who is programmed to leave a moon.

The way this game is related to OHR House is the whole episode type thing. There are 5 episodes to Gato Succio. And only one of them really pretains to color, which is the name of the game. In episode 1, which is about color, you play the game through in complete black and white. Seeing nothing but the vivid gray scale. Bob opens a box of color, and realizes that's how color is brought back to the world, is by opening boxes containing them. He opens it, and his eyes become blue. He sneezes on Salom and Salom gets Blue eyes and Bob loses them. After that, Bob, Salom, and Glob go on a quest for color. Throughout the game there were tons of enimies. One of which, whom I thought was the most hilarious. Was Harpoon. A character the party thought Bob made up to get everyone to go search for color. Yet, when Bob and Glob leave, Salom realizes that Bob was right all along. Dispite how unlikely any of that could have been true. After Salom dies though, the game kind of goes crazy. They have to revive him with "magic". I won't spoil too much of the game though. Because the game's entire amount of story is dependant on it's hilarious story and outrageous characters.
    This game is just like any other OHR game in terms of it's gameplay. It's roughly 40 minutes long which is a good length for your standard OHR game. And it features hilarious dialouge and very generic straight forward gameplay. There is never anything left for the imagination to wander the game. Some character in the game will continuouslly preach to you where to go. Like in ROTC, Bob will 100% of the time tell you where to go. Along with pointless other information that will crack you up. Like "Walrus Bob is Bob Surlaw backwards".  
    Battles are a joke. Battles are so unbalanced it's not even funny. Your characters have more than enough HP to last them through the entire game. None of the battles give up any items, money, or experience. But you fight them for some odd reason anyways. The debug keys are on so if you get tired of the fights, just press F4 the whole time. Let's face it the battles are a joke. The only good thing about these fights is what the enemies do. Their attacks are so dumb it's funny. One enemy used George Bush to attack. That was probally the best attack in the game to watch because of it's humor. Enimies were horribly drawn unless they were ripped graphics. Like you'll see Elecman from Megaman, and Wolverine and Clyclops from X-Men on the NES. Without the backdrops though, the fights wouldn't have been worth to fight. And let's face it, the random battles are pretty much unneccessary for this game. They're only in there to promote the backdrops and the horrible enemies. Hilarious none the less.  
  Map Design
    This is something you'll have to check out for yourself to understand the humor. Most of the maps are not designed in some strategic way, but to humor PHC. One map, I pressed F1 to show the map, and it was a picture of a Yuk. Lots of these maps are just creatures from Walthros. Something very funny that goes along with the theme of this game.  
    See Battle Section.  
    One thing that is particularily funny is the out of place music. The battle music will drive you insane. Because of the fact that the average battle lasts about a minute. And this melody, is about 2 seconds long. So you hear this horrible song like 20 or more times. It gets old very fast. And also, in one of the maps, IT'S THE BACKGROUND MUSIC! It's hilarious because of it's horribleness. But all the same, a more humorous selection should have been appointed I believe. As said, the entire game is completely random. And one of the funniest music backgrounds was the original BatMan theme. It was so... so appropriate, and unappropriate at the same time.  
    I found myself playing this game more than 3 times. Which I hardly ever replay an OHR game, let alone more than once. This game is very very funny. Every aspect of the game is hilarious. The graphics, the backdrops, the cutscenes. It all works so terribly and perfectally at the same time. You will find yourself rolling out of your seat laughing on the floor it's so funny. The complete randomness is what gives this game such a great appeal. And you really uhhh... learn about the characters throughout the game? Anyways, if you're not into humor, this game is probally not for you.  
Final Blows
    PHC, you are a comedic genius. In your attempts to offend people you have in turn made them all laugh estatically. Gato Succio is a living example of this too. Everything in this game is just so very funny. You have made a parody of your beautiful world of Walthros so very nicely and I hope you continue to parody your game. Repitition isn't always a good thing, but in this case, it's perfect. Keep it up.
If you read the full set of dialouge it is very hilarious!

If you read the full set of dialouge it is very hilarious!
Final Scores
Graphics: 3/10.0
This game is definitely not about the graphics. But they're still funny to look at because of their low quality.
Storyline: 10/10.0
None stop hilarity!
Gameplay: 3/10.0
Simple... Anything more may have hindered the humor in the game.
Music: 5/10.0
It's so... so out of place it's funny.
Enjoyment: 10/10.0
This is the most fun you can have with an OHR game.
Overall Grade: A-
Final Thoughts
    A game that has surpassed Arfenhouse by so much. A must play OHR game.  

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