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Castle Paradox
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    1) 5.0000
        AW - Unsettling Theme by Rimudora
        Bob the Gangsta by 8bit
        That Money [DEMO] by 8bit
    2) 4.5000
        Classical Dream by Setu_Firestorm
        AW - The Steel Angel's Frenzy by Rimudora
Deleted Game vs. Komera
Deleted Game That was great... what website did you pull that off of, Sew?
Download: 122B
Play Time: hours and 10 minutes
Review # 5 for Komera That was great... what website did you pull that off of, Sew?
Them's Fightin' Words
    See last week.
    The big surprise here is that the statues were apparently npcs, not maptiles like I had previously thought.
    Right off the bat, JSH sells those tacky statues (which bears the question of just who WOULD buy a tacky statue?) which instantly earns him that not-so-cherished spot on nymphomaniac Lucier's bad side. Gizmog and Rinku find it impressive for their own respective reasons. Rinku's become Spartian in his decorating preferences, even carrying over to the number of books he brought with him (can't be all that many if he's borrowing from Gizmog).

Palom and Porom, er, I mean... Sew and Minnek's secret is out. CN's the only one who hasn't tried joining an alliance, but that's okay because he won the insult challenge. Leroy wasn't quite as annoying this week, but his insult still grated on my nerves like a 5 hour Magnus marathon. Shadow can't even make an insult (gee, what a nice guy!), and only slightly effective are the insults of Minnek and Rinku. Everyone else made moderate insults, except for CN and Giz who are the kings of insults.

CN spents so much time in the shower that I'm afraid someone's going to turn off the water to the house just to get him...
    See last week.
    See last week.
  Map Design
    Here, too.
    Xerox that last one here, too.
    Wasn't as funny as week one. The intrige of alliances got stepped up way too high. The best part had to be when Leroy was bellowing at CN, I wonder why only the people in that room heard it, though... Next week will probably pick up, now that both JSH and Rinku are being targeted as the gays... and they're allied with each other...
Final Blows
    Sans this, I still don't care for reality shows. This is still pretty good. Like a really cheep (production wise) DVD for free.
Yeah, I believe you've mentioned your hatred before...

Yeah, I believe you've mentioned your hatred before...
Final Scores
Graphics: 7.5/10.0
See last week.
Storyline: 8/10.0
Still a charmer.
Gameplay: 5/10.0
Press "2" then spacebar...
Music: 5/10.0
See last week.
Enjoyment: 8/10.0
A little down from last week.
Overall Grade: B
Final Thoughts
    Week Two - Alliances form.  

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