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Deleted Game vs. Shadowiii
Deleted Game Just another day in IRC (though I think Minnek and Sew
Download: 122B
Play Time: 0 hours and 5 minutes
Review # 39 for Shadowiii Just another day in IRC (though I think Minnek and Sew "broke up")
Them's Fightin' Words
    After OMFG TIT ROXORS was such a huge success in the OHR community (everyone realizing the author wasn't serious and the game was a joke, because everyone knows the OHR has a fantastic sense of humor), we got the arousing, headturning, clockstopping, bodysnatching sequal: OMFG TIT ROXORS TOO MUCH!

Unlike the first, which was (at least, my interpretation of that bizzare, bizzare little game) a parody of noobs in the ohr community, this one goes directly to the point...naming names, pointing fingers, and rocking out with They Might Be Giants. Not to mention IRC, Airship 2600, CN and Fyre's "flame wars", and (of course), me getting sick of it all and committing suicide (ala OMFG TIT ROXORS). WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT? Well, there's a sequal fellas. :P
    From what I see, the graphics are rips of either the presented character's avatars, or crappy drawings of them, or...something else. The importing is bad (though you can tell it was on purpose...this IS for the Horrible Game Contest you know), but the maptiles at the beginning are ACTUALLY SORT OF BETTER THEN THE ORIGINAL. Wow. There is also a rockin picture of TMBG, as well as soft-core hentai (for about...uh...half a second) followed by seizure inducing Kangaroo Jack (which is hell on earth). Overall, interesting. And crappy. Though the NPCs do lead you into knowing who's who.

OMFG TIT ROXORS TOO MUCH is a hilarious parody of the OHR Community. It basically consists of what everyone does on a regular basis, except showing us how idiotic we all really look. The result is hilarious, though I'd have liked to have seen more of me (though its ok, I show up in the sequal. :P)


Basically we say what we usually say...useless blather that has nothing to do with our games. Ah well. It's a bit of a "stupified" version of what we say, but it all makes perfect sense and is downright hilarious.
    There is none. You press the space bar twice (once to start the game, once to stop the musical interlude by TMBG. Though, if you were a cool person, you never pressed the space bar twice and listed to TMBG until your ears couldn't take it anymore). That isn't gameplay, but its ok, you'd probably be laughing too hard to play anyway.
  Map Design
    Uh...avatar/faces running around on a black backdrop. And the return of the side-view "philosophical suicide" cliff.
    Usually a variety. The song that plays for me (the "hoorah" Fire Emblum theme) is most awsome. There are some tidbits from other games here and there, as well as a TMBG interlude (which still actually sounds somewhat ok in BAM, though it has no lyrics. :'( )
    This game is downright hilarious. Way better then the first. It's my personal favorite OMFG TIT ROXORS (the third one isn't as funny, probably because it didn't catch me by suprise like this one did). If you know enough about the community (ie have been here at least two months and have visited IRC), then you'll probably bust a gut laughing like I did.
Final Blows
    All OHRers who've been around for a while and are still here should play this. It's hilarious, and might make you re-think how you act in the community. Also, if you are in it, you can see yourself act like an idiot, which is always good. This thing ranks up there in humor with Walthrus and Arfenhouse 3. Get it right now.
According to JSH, Edward (from FF4)'s Japanese name is Gilbert. Heh. :D

According to JSH, Edward (from FF4)'s Japanese name is Gilbert. Heh. :D
Final Scores
Graphics: 2.5/10.0
Ugly, but they do what they are supossed too. They are actually pretty funny because they are so amazingly ugly.
Storyline: 5/10.0
The none existent. We see the community from a different pair of eyes from our own. The dialogue is basically what we all say, only a bit stupider (though that may be the way it SHOULD be spoken, :P)
Gameplay: 1/10.0
None. You press the space bar.
Music: 3/10.0
TMBG >> You
Enjoyment: 9.5/10.0
Lots of OHR games recently have given me a good laugh, and this one is definatly one of them. Excellent work, this game is really damn funny.
Overall Grade: A-
Final Thoughts

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