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Moogle Quest vs. RedMaverickZero
Moogle Quest Mama Mole is a BIOTCH!
Download: 156 KB
Play Time: hours and 15 minutes
Review # 39 for RedMaverickZero Mama Mole is a BIOTCH!
Them's Fightin' Words
    I have reviewed a lot of games. This review should be like number thirty nine I believe. And I have reviewed all types of games. RPGs, Puzzle Games, and even some I can't remember. But like most reviewers, you tend to remember reviewing a member's first entry. Their first work of art. And I tend to remember giving those games grades of a D- and below. However, based on my knowledge, this is Moogle1's second game. Which it hardly has enough content to justify being called a game. However, it is still pretty cool to see where the elite plotscripter started from.
    I have done this with Shadowiii, and Fenrir Lunaris. And now it's time for Moogle1. I have briefly played several of Moogle1's games which all include plotscripting of a magnitude I don't quite think my brain could grasp immediately. And I must say, that this game had some fairly nice graphics for it being a first game. As said in my 7th Day review, I consider doing the whole black outline thing to be a little difficult. Mostly because I haven't done it too much. But Moogle1 has established a very fresh and cartoony appeal to his game.

Mog, the main character of the game looks like what he is. A moogle. Except he looks more like a saggy fat moogle than uhhh... whatever he was supposed to be portrayed as. This game reuses hero walkabouts a lot. In the Moogle Village, you can definitely tell that Mog looks like all the other adult moogles. And all the kids look and say the same thing (moogles I mean). However, as they do look the same and say the same thing. They all look remarkably good. And as for the battle sprites, let's just say they look better than well over half of sprites for game of the reviews I have written. Mog, who attacks by swacking his opponents with his paw animates fantasically in battle. For having two frames, it looks superb. And his casting graphic even looks cool. With a small orb of light between both of his little paws. One thing that really alerted my attention was Mog's walkabouts. I recall seeing a lot of OHRers use very bland walkabouts that didn't animate. And looked like... well, let's just say they weren't exactly good. But Moogle1 has drawn Mog with an animating antenna and fairy wings. It looks really nice. Something I don't even see in people who have been OHRering for a while now. The graphics were most definitely one of the strong points of this game.
    Standing outside your little moogle tree house you realize something. It's your birthday. How old are you? You don't know. What are you going to do though? You don't really know but you're off on your own to collect treasure and have a splendid adventure. Accompanying you for like... 2 seconds of the game is your unfaithful Chocobo. Who decides to run away for no apparent reason other than it felt like it. So of course, Mog is upset because now he has to walk his lazy behind all the way on his adventure instead of riding Boco.

The storyline for this game is rather bland. As stated, it's about Mog, the moogle, who decides to embark on a treasure collecting quest on his birthday. No real reason is established as to why Mog does want to do this, other than he just plainly wants to. You meet up with this character who I didn't quite understand. Ed. He's some sort of an enginner. As you find him building something with a hammer. So he joins your party and together the two of you decide to leave the city because of the fact Ed thinks the townspeople will come beat up Mog or something because he's a treasure hunter. And that, aside from people in the forest testing robots is the whole of the story. You don't quite know why they are testing their robots, but you do know that they want to test it on you. The storyline never really picks up, and the game appears to be discontinued, so this means we will never know just what happens to Mog and Ed... :(
    As for the gameplay of this game. It is your standard OHR game. Using the default battle system and absolutely no plotscripting whatsoever. Which I find a suprise since every other game I played of Moogle1's is a plotscripting amazement. But all the same, you never quite start up there at the top of the totem pole now do you? One neat thing that I haven't used much which made for an interesting side quest was bug collecting. Equipping a certain item would set a tag on. And while this tag was on, a bug that wouldn't normally be on the map, would well... be there. You would have the oppurtunity to fight it, level up or so, and achieve some items. I didn't fight all the bugs, but this is a very neat trick. Of which, like I said, I hardly use. But, if more people caught onto this then they could make unique hidden things too. Just because it doesn't have scripting doesn't mean it isn't good right?  
    The battles were rather generic. Like I said, every battle was in the default OHR battle system. Which as you should be familiar with, is rather simple to establish. Programming is at a mere minimum of this. It just takes careful planning to make every character unique and have attacks that help the player and aren't like "GOD MODE" type thing. Because that's never really fun. Moogle1 established something of uniquity for at least one of the two characters.

Mog was a basic character. He had a spell, and a standard attack. And like all heroes, he could use items in battle. However he had an attack which amazed me. A roulette type attack. Which as you should know based off those horrible one eyed winged things, they cast Roulette and it always screws me over in a Final Fantasy game. However, with Mog equipped such a devestating attack it seems the tables have turned. The only problem is, it really sucks whenever you have 2 or less enimies on the field. Because the odds are against you. But that isn't Moogle's fault, it's all about you beieng a moron and still using the 'Dance' technique. The fights were not exactly what I tend to consider easy either. One of the first few fights you got in, which was right before you were able to enter the city, was with some mole called "Mama Mole". It was a pure nightmare unless you used a potion, which was like a cookie or something. Either way, the fight was challenging. And it forced you to use all of your resources to win. The water spell, which did nearly 20 damage to mama mole and then the single cookie. A battle that makes you use a strategy. And what was great, it was not a button masher.
  Map Design
    The maps were rather small and complex. However their construction was rather well thought out. However the boundaries on the tiles were rather bad. For instance, in the forest you met the robot brothers (I don't remember their names as though I remember it rhymed.) But where it looked like you could walk between the trees you actually couldn't. Which made that aspect lame. You really didn't know quite how to get through the forest unless you followed the drawn path. However, it's always fun to stray from the beatn path am I right? That's how you uncover neat items and such. The moogle town was rather straight forward I may say. Each house directly next to one another. However, it seemed that a lot of the houses proved to be quite useless. Either way, aside from walls on the trees, it wasnt bad.  
    I like my game like I like my women. Balanced and preportioned. Which I suppose is an odd example. But this game I suppose had semi-decent balancing. Aside from that one battle with mama mole it was fairly good. I mean the only bad thing about mama mole was that she was a beginning boss. Which you should always expect to be easy and just something that will gradually get harder as your progress through the game. There was only one shop in the game that sold healing items. And the healing items did heal very very generouslly. Random battles were set at a nice pace too. So you didn't get in too many. But you got in an appropriate amount for the distance you travelled. Nothing like Ska-Drummer Man, where every 3 steps you're in a tough random battle. Ugh, I hate it when it's set real high. Which makes me appreciate it when it's not.  
    For the most part it was half and half. And I don't mean coffee creamer. I mean that half of it came with the OHR and half of it was something Moogle1 composed on his own. At least that's exactly what he said at the end of the game. The music fit the mood for the most part, fitting in a simple and cartoony storyline and graphics. Overall, I would have selected something not from the IMPORT file you get with the OHR, but lots of people starting out aren't familiar with midi2bam. Heck, I don't even know if that was around when this game was made.  
    Moogle1, which has said that he didn't know why people liked this game. However, I recieved some very good advice from my commercial arts in 11th grade. He said, if you see something that can help you enhance your art. Steal it and place it into your own style. I learned about the Roulette attack from this game mostly. And a little bit more about World Map construction. And as always, I enjoyed writing this review.  
Final Blows
    It's always cool to watch an OHRer grow in their skills and techniques. And this is a prime example that Moogle1 began thinking ahead of the average OHRer even during his first couple of games. I haven't played enough of Moogle1's games to justify a comparision to any of his other games except a couple. But, everyone starts out somewhere. And Moogle1 started off good and is continuing to get better. Congrats Moogle1.
Hey! It's me!

Hey! It's me!
Final Scores
Graphics: 6/10.0
Simple and cartoony. Always a nice break from your average new game graphics.
Storyline: 2.5/10.0
Definitely the part of the game that didn't help the game too much.
Gameplay: 6/10.0
Mog Quest shows even new OHRers that the default engine has quite a bit of potential.
Music: 4/10.0
A lil bland. And often times a tad boring.
Enjoyment: 7.5/10.0
It was entertaining to say the least. I look forward to playing the other games by Moogle1 on my computer.
Overall Grade: C-
Final Thoughts
    A very clever game with some neat aspects of the OHR that were amusing even when the OHR was new.  

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