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redacted 4 vs. Dalaran
redacted 4
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Review # 2 for Dalaran
Them's Fightin' Words
    Dateline: Zerin city, Xerian mainland. Skulls are attacking the city. Our only hope are the people who live in "the quest house". Does that mean that their last name is Quest like Johnny Quest? Why must their pet look like a Jigglypuff (tm: you know who)? What the heck is a "computer rival"? Why don't they use the sturdy piece of wood to go back to the town for supplies? What's this sudden obsession with cereal? These are questions that can only be answered in Xerian! (Hey, PepsiRanger, you were right that was fun.)

The graphics were all right, but I felt that they were overly "cutesey". I also enjoyed the concept of selling captured photos of enemies to obtain an income.

The music was unripped which makes me smile. Unfortunately, the music also sounded like a cacophony. The storyline was sadly very simplistic. It involved hunting down the "source of the monsters". Their are also some generic problems such as a passability failure at one point, and a painful search for a passageway out of the first town (Unless, you read the walkthrough which not everybody will do, so I ignore it for review purposes). The gameplay was pretty easy, but to compensate the game also contained an excruciatingly long "endurance" dungeon with no save points. I was also disappointed by the way the first two minutes of the game introduced five characters with no (legible) character development.

Final Scores
Graphics: 5.5/10.0
Gives me the same shiver as the average Disney movie.
Storyline: 2/10.0
Sometimes hard to understand, sometimes non-existant.
Gameplay: 4/10.0
Easy, but it's difficult to obtain money.
Music: 3/10.0
Painful, end of story.
Overall Grade: D-
Final Thoughts
    Hit List Person Name Curse: Xerian Master I didn't like his game. (less than one hour)  

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