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The Legend of Zelda Sword of Gods (More stuff Update) vs. Uncommon
The Legend of Zelda Sword of Gods (More stuff Update) Racist?  This game?
Download: 1.43 MB
Play Time: 0 hours and 4 minutes
Review # 17 for Uncommon Racist? This game?
Them's Fightin' Words
    By now it should be common knowledge that fangames SUCK. But, if it was common knowledge, then I wouldn't have to be reviewing this garbage. If you couldn't tell, Legend of Zelda Sword of Gods is a fangame. A fangame with REALLY BAD GRAMMAR.
    Evil. Evil, evil, evil. I hate them. Awful airbrush, awful lines, awful suck. This is everything that shouldn't be in graphics. The battles are a mess. You can hardly tell what's going on in that awful mass of color. It's just bad. And what is with those tree tunnels? Someone doesn't understand how to make a proper cylinder...

Also, textboxes are all transparent (EVIL) with an original, yet AWFUL and unreadable font. We like to not strain our eyes when reading textboxes, Mr. Author, sir.

As for the cutscenes, they have some decent line-art, and wouldn't be so bad, except that the CG-color job is just so BAD. Again, liberal use of airbrush (airbrush is EVIL) and awful colors.
    OMG LIKE ZLEDA FNGFAME!!!Q11 Link defeated Gannon (and all this time i thought it was Ganon!) 17 years ago and put him in a void. Gannon comes back...somehow, and Link's son, Aranoth has to defeat him. Supposedly.

Yes, like so many stupid newbie games, you never get to experience the proposed plot. You do assume the role of Aranoth, and are told that you need to talk to the Deku Tree. But, there's a person blocking your way! He tells you to get a better sword in the Lost Woods. From here, you go and fight some black people, jump over a cliff, and then...

Someone forgot a "resume player" command.
    No effort, no playtesting, no interest. This game is crap.
Stupid townspeople WHO ARE ALL EXACTLY THE SAME.
Multiple use of the same one-time npc. Bad.
    There seems to be half of some thought in these battles, but half a thought isn't what we want. There are a few special attacks, but they're mostly the same, and some of them are inferior to the normal attack. Empty lists are evil, too.
  Map Design
    Mazy. But you'll have no time to enjoy; you'll be too distracted by HOW MUCH YOU HATE THIS GAME.
    Bad. There's what, four minutes put to an end by a bug? Nothing of merit.
    Okay, one thing that I liked about this game was the loading screen. It took a picture from line-art, to color, to shading. Might've been some nice aesthetics, except that, once again, someone forgot a "resume player" command.

This game is evil.
Final Blows
    So, why are fangames bad? Because the only people who make them are newbies and newbies are stupid and don't understand a thing about game design. Thus, we get sucky fangames from stupid newbies and no one ever wants to make a fangame.
If I could read what you're saying, I'm sure I'd hate you.

If I could read what you're saying, I'm sure I'd hate you.
Final Scores
Graphics: 1/10.0
The cutscenes were almost good, but no.
Storyline: 1/10.0
Learn grammar and storytelling. I'm sure you'll never use them, but it might be good if you ever plan on making another game.
Gameplay: 1/10.0
Music: 5/10.0
I'm sad that I have to give this game anything above a 1 anywhere, but I can't hear it.
Enjoyment: 1/10.0
Overall Grade: F-
Final Thoughts
    Brilliantly brings HORRIBLE SHAME to a glorious series!  

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