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OHR Arena vs. RedMaverickZero
OHR Arena What a nice guy. Never asks for money, but heals me for free.
Aethereal and MultiColoredWizard
Download: 121 KB
Play Time: 3+ hours and minutes
Review # 35 for RedMaverickZero What a nice guy. Never asks for money, but heals me for free.
Them's Fightin' Words
    I've put this off for far too long, it's time you get your review from yours trully on none other than OHR Arena. A game made in 48 Hours. And to make this introduction short, it was most likely a very hard 48 hours put in to make this game. Dispite it's flaws, I am reviewing this game the way it should be, based off the things you can do in OHR in 48 hours, and for those who can't divide 48 by 24, that's 2 days.
    The maptiles first. Why? Because I think they are good. Okay that's not a reason but oh well. Anyways, the maptiles were quite nice. There was one set of tiles I am guessing, because Wiz wouldn't give me the password! Heh. Anyways, no matter what character you started out with, you saw the same "Lobby". And the lobby was about the size of a backdrop or a little bit bigger. And in this map you'd see various things. These giant blue people who wanted to sell you things. And then the nicely done rugs and finally tables and floors. All of which were done with good quality and you can obviouslly tell that while one of these two, Aetherall or MulticoloredWizard did one thing, the other worked constantly on another. And based off what I know, I think Wiz did all the graphics, and Aeth did all the difficult programming.

The walkabouts were... how can I put this... Wiz's style. Every artist has a unique style in which they draw. Like myself, with the lidless eyes and the cartoony body. Shadowiii with his SNES looking style. And MulticoloredWizard believe it or not has his own too. His characters look good. I mean real good. They have no personality, but this is not a game for story, it's what the name implies. FOR BATTLE! There were a variety of heroes to choose from in the beginning of the game. Priest, Wizard, Warrior, Archer, and Thief. Each had amazing graphics. And I suppose this is the only place where color palette change would be appropriate. Because each of the heroes had an element. So for each one there was 4. Each was a color changed hero basically. The only complaint I have for Wiz's hero graphics was the Warrior. As he walked he moved his sword from hand to hand and it looked sloppy. I think you guys should definitely work on that and fix it. Other than that, it's definitely a step above decent in terms of graphics.
    As said in the Graphics section. This is a damn GAME FOR BATTLE! What story do you need other than, let's go be the best fighter there is. Even though, Pokemon used this same type story but put other things along with it. But this worked well without a story.  
    I really don't think Aeth and Wiz knew just how much time it takes to beat this game with EVERY SINGLE character. It takes about 2-3 hours with one character, and that's just fighting over and over and over again to level up and take at least 2 of the final bosses hits. Heh. But I give them credit. Using whatever programming they did to make text boxes appear at random this all happened and worked just fine. Every hero was different. Not hero elements. Those were pretty much the same with the exception of weaknesses and resistances. But the hero I found to be the best was the archer. Balanced in terms of speed and attack power. And powering up his attack and defense power with armors and weapons proved to be very effective. The only problem with the money was the fact that you got a very minimal amount after each battle. So it takes forever to level up, and even longer to get good weapons. But when you get it all, it's well worth your longgggggggggg wait.  
    Battles. This is the name of the game, well technically it's OHR Arena, but you guys get the picture. Without the battles this game is just OHR. Anyways, enough stupidity and on to the real juicy stuff. As mentioned every character to play as was unique and had a nice variety of spells and skills to use in combat. But the crazy thing was, so did your opponent. And depending on what you faced in your next round, depended on whether or not you saw the title screen again or not. It was definitely something annoying when you just start out and the enimies are like 2+ levels stronger than you handing your ass back to you gift wrapped. But as I found out, after you level up a fair amount the fights become very easy. As the archer I bought this move that allows you to shoot twice in one attack. Man, that was useful. Open with that and then a final arrow shot and you've snagged a victory. A cheap thing I found out though, which I don't disagree with was this tiny dude in the corner of the lobby. He'd heal you up for free after every single fight. No charge, just heals ya. Talk about a nice guy.  
  Map Design
    There was a Lobby which was the size of a backdrop, and then there was the area you walked to fight someone. Other than that, it was pretty dull.  
    To be honest, despite my difficult attempts to get the game rolling in the beginning, the game proved to be balanced for a multiple of reasons. But the biggest and most logical reason was because of the way the enimies were done. You gain levels and get stronger. So, when you fight an enemy, not only do they look just like other forms of the heroes in the game, but they are at a level too. Balanced to have close to the same stats as you would if you were that hero at the particular level. A somewhat unbalanced thing was the money, because after a while I had no real problem gaining experience. But come on guys, why the low funds? It takes forever to level up and get strong naturally, why drag this thing out?  
    My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area.  
    I played this game off and on for a good couple months. Not because I didn't enjoy it, because I did. I'd just get annoyed with the tedious battles and have to play a couple, level up a couple times and then play it sometime later. It has replayablity if you like repition. Which the only thing I like repition in is Mario. I mean come on, everyone can play Mario forever. But games where you have to level up to win, now that's just plain crazy for continuous replayability. Very few RPGs have that, and they have a grand storyline to back up everything. Give OHR Arena a storyline and you've got a classic.  
Final Blows
    Well, to conclude things, I think that you guys should have won the contest. Because there was obviouslly a lot of time and effort put into this game. But there is one reason why I take that back. Remember the statement I said about Mario having replayability? Well the game that beat you guys, "It came from beyond the moon" had a storyline sort of, and had fresh gameplay that was really fun and left you wanting more. Not to mention the fact that it really wasn't that long. With OHR Arena, it leaves you wondering, when can I just quit...
In the infamous words of Strongbad,

In the infamous words of Strongbad, "ARROWED!!!"
Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10.0
Unique and cool. OHR Arena wouldn't be the same without this stuff.
Storyline: 1/10.0
It's a fighting game, who needs a story really?
Gameplay: 7/10.0
A lot of it to say the least. It's still great though, just needs a few minor things to make it a bit better.
Music: 1/10.0
My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area.
Enjoyment: 5/10.0
For the off and on times I played it I had fun. But not enough to justify replayability.
Overall Grade: C
Final Thoughts
    OHR Arena is definitely a game that is a challenge. Go try it if you want one.  

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