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Survivor vs. SDHawk
Survivor Breathtaking landscapes.
Download: 268B
Play Time: 0 hours and 1 minutes
Review # 2 for SDHawk Breathtaking landscapes.
Them's Fightin' Words
    With countless hours gameplay and deep, intresting story this game will keep you playing until you beat it. Or it would if it had any of that, as it is you beat it anyway because it's over before you realize you started.
    The first thing about this game's graphics that really stood out for me, was the water animations. When you first see them, you'll be knocked off your seat, unbelieving that this is an OHR game.

Or at least you would have, if the author had rememberd to make every water tile animated.

But what was really impressive was the floor in the CBS meeting room. Brilliant. Just brilliant. The only bad thing about having such an impressive floor will be that everyone is going to try to rip off the author's innovative 'solid-color' flooring technique.

You can really tell the author went out of his way to make everything in this game absolutley perfect. Like how he ripped the logo from the popular tv show 'Survivor' (which the game is based upon, and I might add quite a clever thing to base a game off of. I can't think of a single game based upon this series, it's nice to see one made by dedicated fans), put in a lush picture of an island that he probably spent painstaking seconds drawing, and even went so far as to rename the words on the side of it with such clever phrases as 'out eat' and 'out fart'.
    The story to this game is so deep, original, and extremley well fleshed-out that it blew me away.

You start off as a lowly cabin boy for a pirate ship, but as the game progresses (with real day/night system that's based on the time that you're playing, not limited to only in-game time, no less) you eventually become the captain of your own pirate ship. But not just your own ship, you also get to build it from scratch (which involves a long and deep quest to gain the various materials throughout the simply massive world that is at your fingertips) and place the various materials as you wish to make it truly YOUR ship.

But once you get out and sailing on the ocean, you soon find out all is not well in the world. I'd really love to tell you what happens after that, but it'd be a HUGE spoiler, just play it for yourself. (It gets way more intresting)

Or at least that's what I WISHED the game's story was. It is, in fact, a cheap joke about the terrible TV show called 'survivor', except the creator didn't even get to the joke part yet.
    The author of this game is well-ahead of his time, as he figured out that games really don't need such painfully time-consuming and boring things like 'game play'.

So he decided to strip it out and call it a "interactive movie". Unfortunatley it's not interactive, and he forgot to add the movie.
  Map Design
    While not perfect, the maps do their job with his 'room with look-alike-npcs in front of a big table', and 'house-that-consists-entirley-of-a-bed-and-phone'.  
    The game features an epic and sweeping soundtrack to acompany its revoloutionary gameplay.

Unfortunatley, it consists of two ripped songs from Final Fantasy and Mario respectivley.
Final Blows
    In all seriousness, this is a terrible 'movie' that lasts all of 25 seconds, which unveils a boring and trite plot that while intended to be funny, couldn't make someone on laughing gas laugh. It can be summed up as such:

-CBS people sitting at table, boring dialogue.
-Main character gets phone call to come on the survivor show, goes to sleep.
-Warped to boring square island where you can do nothing, no end of demo messages or anything to let me know if the game is even over.

This review probably took longer to write than the entire game took to make. No one is intrested in 25 second demos, particularly when they reveal nothing but pure crap. Try again. (And don't base your game off someone else's work this time)
I got more enjoyment from making this screenshot than playing the game.

I got more enjoyment from making this screenshot than playing the game.
Final Scores
Graphics: 2/10.0
Poorly done crap. Floors consist of more than one color. Sprites weren't too bad, but hardly even one-fourth average.
Storyline: 1/10.0
Entirley unfunny with a lame concept
Gameplay: 1/10.0
Music: 1/10.0
Do not rip music. Especially from well-known sources such as Final Fantasy and Mario. I've already heard the songs from their respective sources and more terrible games that rip music than I can count, thank you.
Enjoyment: 1/10.0
Overall Grade: F-
Final Thoughts
    But right climax of the plot, the demo ends. This is extremley disapointing after so many hours of solid entertainment. To put it simply, the creator had better finish this game becuase quite frankly I can't wait to see how the epic final duel with Santa Clause and Hitler ends.  

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