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Deer Hunter XTREME vs. RedMaverickZero
Deer Hunter XTREME
Download: 121 KB
Play Time: hours and 2 minutes
Review # 33 for RedMaverickZero "Yogi, I don't think Ranger Smith will like that."
Them's Fightin' Words
    The more OHR games I have played today the more I notice the same thing. Repitition to say the least. Anyways, the majority of the OHR games I've played are mostly all RPGs. And they're just straight forward. I admit to this crime as well in my earlier games as well. Anyways, what they lacked was the things that made games on actual systems so great. For instance, Chocobo Racing. That was different from the game, right? Yeah. Deer Hunter XTreeme, is like a mini GAME.
    Graphically, this game could have done better. I mean, I understand the theme was 8 bit. But some of these creatures were poorly structured. The deer looked like a moose, the way the body of it was structured. So naturally, like I put in my picture for the game, I thought it was a moose. Furthurmore, the animals hardly looked like what they were supposed to be. Take the mouse for instance. It was like blue and pink. Reminded me of a messed up frog.
The maptiles weren't any better either. Trees were simple and round. Showing no detail whatsoever. I know MulticoloredWizard can do better. I've seen some of the stuff that he's done and it's a lot better than these graphics. But that's not saying a whole lot. The main character's graphics could pass off as decent. Because of all the different things he could do which featured animations for each of them. Not the smoothest animations, but heck, at least it was more than floating up and down.
    Uhhh... Well, some people are playing a video game and turns out, it sucks. So after a bit of profanity they decide to design their own game in their heads. And it features a guy with a big soup bowl haircut going below his eyes who likes to err... shoot "harmless animals". That's the storyline for the game too believe it or not. Shooting things. With weapons only an insane hunter terrorist would use.
    Like.... Rockets. Going hunting with a rocket. The entire concept of that was just really funny to me. And on top of that it was the coolest weapon to use. Because the rockets were guided. As in you moved them. Although the controls for it were a tad weird. You had to use the arrow keys to guide it, but at the same time your character moved. That's something that should have been fixed to make it all look a tad better. Another thing about the rocket before I move on to another part. It didn't explode on contact like a rocket should. I shot it at a tree on accident, and it sat there for a while then it dissapperared. If you're gonna make a game with clever weapons like a rocket you should make it a lot more interactive. Like blow up stuff besides the bears, deer, and rabbits. Shoot it at a tree and watch it catch on fire. Little things like this spark the player's interest even more and make the game overall more enjoyable.

As you have guessed, the concept of the game is to shoot things. Depending on how many of the animals you've shot/killed/brutally murdered depends on err... Okay it doesn't do anything in the end. It's just fun to shoot them. No one knows why, it just is. You could call this game the Apple Jacks of the OHR. "Why's it fun?" "It just is." The only thing I'd recommend in this area would be more detail and interaction. I'm sure the two of you guys can come up with a ton more interactive things. And maybe levels rather than just one thing.
    No real battles other than those described in the Gameplay section...
  Map Design
    The map was quite large. I say map because the only one you're able to walk around on is one. Uno mapa. The size was perfect for the gameplay. It featured plenty of animals. Although once you kill the animals all grouped together, it was difficult to find the last remaining ones.
    There are quite a bit of weapons to choose from and no weapon is too good or too bad and there are a fair amount of animals to kill. It's balanced in the respect that there are a bit of things and there aren't too many animals at once. However when you eliminate a couple of animals it becomes harder to kill the ones left. I've found myself wandering around trying to find a tiny little frog rabbit thing.  
    My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area.
    For all the things I have griped about in this game I found this game very enjoyable. I found myself playing it a good three times before I wrote the review. With all the killing and exploding bears it's excellent.
Final Blows
    It's a short review, so what. Anyways, a note to the creators of this game. Add more levels and requirements to beat the levels. Make it more of a game, rather than a mini game basically. And tons and tons of interaction would be nice. Blowing up stuff to get closer to certain animals. Like blasting away a rock with your rockets to blow up a bear or something. Go hunting in exotic places and shoot up some funny animals. Emus, pandas, and maybe a lion or two. Work on the graphics too. I'm sure it's great and easy to make everything 8-Bit. But it makes the game look a lil less appealing and hinders a player's thoughts. Detail everything up and you'll find yourself with a high quality game.
How the hell?!

How the hell?!
Final Scores
Graphics: 2/10.0
8-Bit. And despite the style of the game, it was graphically sloppy.
Storyline: 1/10.0
Who needs storyline in a hunting game? Now really?
Gameplay: 6/10.0
Excellent, but needs work and enhancement for it to get a better score.
Music: 1/10.0
My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area.
Enjoyment: 6.5/10.0
It's fun for me. But then again, other people get different stuff outta games. Still, it's fun.
Overall Grade: D+
Final Thoughts
    A good way to spend a couple minutes. But unless you like repitition and simple gameplay it will only be played for a couple minutes.  

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