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OHR-Date vs. RedMaverickZero
OHR-Date I could have sworn that I reviewed a game with her in it already. ^_^;
Download: 1.48 MB
Play Time: 3+ hours and minutes
Review # 30 for RedMaverickZero I could have sworn that I reviewed a game with her in it already. ^_^;
Them's Fightin' Words
    As we all know, this is the game that severly swept away the competition in the 528 Hour Contest hosted by MultiColoredWizard. This is a game which could be easily called a one man army game. For many reasons, not only did Shadowiii put a lot into making this game, but also he devoted a lot of resources and ideas, and somehow still managed to chat to me over AIM during the whole contest. Heh. Anyways, on with the review!
    Shadowiii isn't the best graphics guy in the world. And to be honest, there are a lot of people who are, and a lot who aren't. But his graphics are certainly above average. Especially for OHR-Date. With graphics that sweep away Shadowiii's biggest hit game "Pitch Black" it really seems quite nice. Although, one thing you'll have to pay close attention to see is that a fair amount of these graphics were reused. A lot of the characters other than the cameos were just palette changes. This was a huge dissapointment for me to see. Some girls even looked like the girls' you're supposed to be macking on. Anyways, with some decent walkabouts, despite their repitition, it made the game feel right. Another good thing while I am still on the subject of walkabouts is there were two uniforms for the main character (YOU!). The hang out clothes and the school uniform. Although this kinda seemed a tad unneccessary, it did bring more feeling to the game. Because not only did the main character have to wear the uniform, but everyone else in the school except maybe two people did too. And if you haven't guessed already, the ones not in uniform were cameos. Mr.B and myself are two I noticed in the school.

Maptiles. This is a two sided argument I'd say. Because while the inside of houses looked completely original, the outside did not. Okay that's half correct. It was the trees that looked fake. Because they were so big, and airbrushy. It'd take a while to make something that extensive. But on the other note, the houses were done original. With the lettering and everything it was very obvious. Some of the maptiles were real nice. Like the DDR machine. The only downside is you should have had to do more to achieve your points. But that's later. Now, the arcade was another thing I didn't care for graphically. Despite the whole DDR machine, all the other arcade machines were pretty much the same. Arcades are the perfect place for funny stuff to inspire the player. Some ideas you may want to add if you ever do are the traditional wack-a-mole, the whole use the water gun to bust out the clown's teeth thing and maybe that one game where you roll the ball into the hole. Just little things like that would make the game seem a lot better. And variety is always good too. I mean, it's why they make variety packs of chips right? So you don't get tired of the same kind over and over. Maptiles had a very nice appeal, but not enough variety.

When I went into Pitch Black I was probally the only moron who actually thought Shadowiii made those backdrops. Now that I have found out he didn't I got a lil frustrated. But eh, then I saw them again here. I would say that PB had it easier in terms of getting the backdrops to work out than OHR-Date. Because you never saw the maptiles for Julia to walk on in the bathroom or stuff like that for PB. But in OHR-Date you saw it. Everything. So the backdrops had to be placed precisely in the right place for that area. Something you'd have to plan out in advance before making the tiles to make things easier on yourself. For the majority of the game, the graphical portion was definitely above average.
    You are "You". Yes "You". Your mission, do you choose to accept. Seek out one female and give her a big fat smoocheroo. Why? Because you are "You", the male of the game, whome is heterosexual and wants the companionship of a female and her lips. That's pretty much the storyline because the main character didn't have a background or anything. But for this specific type of game it wasn't really neccessary.  
    I know it's wrong, and I shouldn't bring this up. But I will. For this section of the game I'll compare OHR-Date to Gangoru Girl. For those of you who don't know, Gangoru Girl is a dating simulation like OHR-Date except your objectives are quite different. In OHR-Date the game is rated G. Gangoru Girl is X. But they are still the same type of game. One you're trying to kiss a girl, the other you're trying to have fun with her fun parts. Don't ask me why Jappaneese people are obsessed with hentai. Anyways, the tactics of both games were very similar. And I admire Shadowiii for this. In OHR-Date you did various tasks to achieve money, strength, money, and other things. Like working out, would raise your strength to impress the ladies I suppose. The main reason to boost stats was to get lady points quicker. Because in some instances, your lady points were achieved based off a stat multiplied. Like in one instance, your Charm * 2.0 would be some lady points. Why I call them lady points, I don't know. Anyways, Gangoru Girl had the same methods of this type of thing. And coincidentally, they both had 3 girls. However, they all looked different in OHR-Date. I give ya credit there too. You stuck to the genre Shadowiii. Emulated the gameplay perfectally.

The plotscripting seemed to be astounding for the time allowed for this game to be made. Shadowiii has said that it was a random text box thing and I have no clue how he pulled that off. I am no plotscripting genius and only know the basics myself. Walking heroes, and some other minor things. But this is also one of the best establishments of plotscripting at it's best. To implement the commands to flirt, flex, and all those other commands is divine.

But if I may make a suggestion. If you ever make an OHR-Date2, make a lot more capabilities. Like jealousy, minigames to do with the girls. Like if you let the girl win she'd give you points, depending on the girl of course. And maybe you wouldn't have sex with her, but you could get a lil furthur up the ladder if you know what I mean. Keeping it G rated is good, to keep it clean. But spice it up. People get more into a game when it gets spicy. And that doesn't mean adding a mexican lady. Haha. Anyways, more variety in the approach to getting points by using minigames. It'd make the game a lot funner, because it's like multiple games in one so to speak. Oh, and maybe since this is a game for kids, make it so the parents pop in. That would be hilarious. Be making out with the girl and the dad come in and scream "GET OFF MY DAUGHTER!". That's always funny. Another good idea, make it like Gangoru Girl in the way that the girls will tell you something they like, or just something you may need to remember later on. And then using a system like you did to choose to flirt, flex, etc. make it so you have to choose the correct answer. Just suggestions to make it funner than it is.
    None needed for this specific genre of game.  
  Map Design
    The main town was quite big. Which was quite neccessary in the respect that it had a lot to put in it. An arcade, Shop, School, you name it, they had it. Except a pet shop. That's another good idea too though. Chicks dig puppies and lil kittens. For future reference. The main town was big and as said, was completely neccessary. The inside of houses weren't too big. They weren't really houses, but more like rooms. Which was a downside. But most OHR games aren't houses, but more like big rooms. In some of my more recent games I tried to implement this into the game. Making it an acutal house. Because Suburban people live in acutal houses, not tiny little huts. But the maptiles could have used a tad more variety. As said in the graphics section, variety makes the user not get bored with certain things.  
    None needed for this specific genre of game.  
    My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area.  
    The difference between OHR-Date and Gangoru Girl is obvious. Length. They are both equally good games. But while Gangoru Girl takes a mere hour to beat, OHR-Date offers more variety in terms of things to do, the fact that there are people and cameos. The overall experience is just more fulfilling. Depsite the lack of.... conclusions. Heh.  
Final Blows
    Shadowiii. My only thing to leave you with is to try your best to make a sequel to this game and use my advice to better it. With more capabilities and unique features this game will have a place right up there with Pitch Black on the list. Heck, it's already almost there! XD
Now if only Samus were a girl to court then I would give you a big hug Shadowiii! Still, awesome to reference a great game!

Now if only Samus were a girl to court then I would give you a big hug Shadowiii! Still, awesome to reference a great game!
Final Scores
Graphics: 7/10.0
Nothing too extrordinary, but it's definitely above average.
Storyline: 5/10.0
You are "You." Go get that girl's heart!
Gameplay: 10/10.0
With tons of plotscripting and tons of cameos and gameplay, this is one of the best games in terms of gameplay.
Music: 1/10.0
My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area.
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
Get your groove on! This game is great for everyone and enjoyable as heck!
Overall Grade: B
Final Thoughts
    Definitely worth your time. If not for the game, but to see one of the many things the OHR is capable of.  

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