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vs. MultiColoredWizard
Of course, the graphics still are a laugh, Red just doesn't know it yet.
Download: 22B
Play Time: 1 hours and 28 minutes
Review # 5 for MultiColoredWizard Of course, the graphics still are a laugh, Red just doesn't know it yet.
Them's Fightin' Words
    Mr. Triangle's Maze Madness.
A game I chose to play because of its assumed high grade; even for a Mr. Triangle game. Let's get this clear before I start this review:
I've never played any Triangle game besides Battle Royal, and part 1, and I have no desire to play any more after this terrible trio of games(actually 5 won't run correctly for me, but even still I refuse to touch it).
    Ugh. A big big ugh. I don't know if RMZ was thinking or not. Levels apparantly are all supposed to look the same but have different palettes. Eventually, RMZ runs out of colors and REUSES TILES. NO NO NO!
From this, comes a lack of atmosphere(the music doesn't help much, but I'll explain that later). The level with the whores, it did not feel like a street corner, strip club, or anything. None of the levels had a unique feeling they were all simply VOID. VOID = NOTHING. NOTHING = BORING. BORING = GRAPHICS. See the connection?
For the love of god, Red, just do SOME work.
    This is a puzzle game, so I don't care for plot.
Apparantly, the Creator made Mr. Triangle be put in another game, so to finish it, Mr. Triangle has to "hunt him down and kick his ass!!"
The skills were good, but they were never sufficiently utilized. Only the walk and run boots are utilized.. and only for a few levels.
Mostly explained below...
    Let's call this section "Flaw List." There was a GREAT flaw count, and it was unnecessary.
-There's too much manual explanation, that's BORING. Explain your game in a txt file, don't waste my time.
-Also, the explanations were BIG exaggeration on difficulty.
-In fact, the only difficulty was from terrible usage of the 'touch' command.
-By this, I mean that you can't stand in, say, a corner of a bunch of blocks, where a creator bot wanders left and right. More than likely, he'll come to the side, and then WHAM dead.
-In some points in the game are automoving tiles. These are pretty much useless.
-Auto-movers move at your slow walking speed, and most of them lead you to unfair death traps.
-There are pushable blocks... but you can't push them through automovers.. WHY THE HELL NOT?!
-In general, the auto-movement paths are never used properly.
-Might I add that there was a useless element blocking your path. This is the WATER. It's not good AT ALL. Just a waste.
-At times, there are races for you to have... but these races are ridiculously easy, because all of the death bots can't move fast enough.
-In these races, all you have to do is hold left or right for a few seconds.
-When you receive new characters, you have to wait until a save point, which is every five levels.?
-In fact, these characters are all USELESS. They're all EXACTLY THE SAME.
-In level 19 you can collect multiple keys.
-Some things that are supposed to take away health don't even do anything.
-Did I mention that there is no atmosphere whatsoever?
  Map Design
    Some maps were good, like the one with the boxes that were arranged in square rows. You actually had to plan out how to get through the level. Unfortunately, most of the bots in the level are ones who vanish according to walking speed, so all I had to do was push boxes in its returning point.
I think that the maps were overall poorly done, and he never made proper use of his items. For example, why can't I send blocks through auto-movers? That would make a great idea.
Also, every level is progressive. Meaning, when you beat level A you go to level B. I'd much rather it be a bunch of puzzles laid out in the form of a building and things under it. It would be VERY fun to play. There are a lot of possibilities for this game.. but they all went unseen.
Oh, and for the love of god, fix you collision detection. Don't use the touch activation of NPCs, that's a bad bad bad bad bad bad BAD idea. Red, have Worthy help you with scripting; you'll obviously need it if this is the best you can do.
    Nn.. explained above.
    The music in this game was outright TERRIBLE. It's mostly from Weezer and.. stuff. Though I like Weezer, it does NOT FIT AT ALL(also some stuff from mmx, but it's a poorly converted song).
Atmosphere, folks. It makes your game a WHOLE lot better.
Red, get new songs, FAST. All of the current music is a big no. It doesn't even fit the atmosphere for the different coloring of levels. That = BAD.
    I don't really know what to say here. There really isn't anything to enjoy with the way that everything is so lazily done. I'd prefer that the game be more about sneakiness than about moving as fast as possible. Just look at how he makes you use the run boots. Of course, I'm not saying they SHOULDN'T be used, I'm just saying that the slow boots should be used just as well, too. In fact, everything else should be used like that.
I did however, enjoy that this is very original for an OHR Game. I reccomend to everyone to play the Lufia series.
Make the best usage of all you have, Red! You can do better, I know you can.
Final Blows
    This game needs a lot of work. Do all you can do to make this better, Red. Read over this review and fix every flaw I have listed.
This has a lot of potential, but it needs authors of talent.
Now see; I wish more levels would look unique like this(except with effort).

Now see; I wish more levels would look unique like this(except with effort).
Final Scores
Graphics: 1/10.0
Total garbage. Effort is nonexistant here.
Storyline: 5/10.0
Gameplay: 2/10.0
He tried.. but not hard enough. Most problems are from laziness in coding.
Music: 3/10.0
I only mark it up because I like it.. but it doesn't fit at all.
Enjoyment: 3/10.0
Can't say I did. Most of the time was just me waiting for a creator bot to come to a corner.. and then it kills me(even though I'm through a wall).
Overall Grade: D+
Final Thoughts
    It's a wonder this isn't called "Mr. Triangle's Shitty Maze Game."
Seriously Red, did you TRY to make this game look good?

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