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Final Fantasy R vs. RedMaverickZero
Final Fantasy R Now that ladies and germs, is a world map! Look at it in all it's majesty!
Download: 607 KB
Play Time: 3+ hours and minutes
Review # 28 for RedMaverickZero Now that ladies and germs, is a world map! Look at it in all it's majesty!
Them's Fightin' Words
    It seems that so many people have made a Final Fantasy remake at one time in their life. And Fenrir has done the same one twice I found out. The big hit, Final Fantasy H, and then the not so big of a hit, Final Fantasy R. And no, the R is not a rating for mature audiences. This seems to be the second game I have reviewed of Fenrir's which features no plotscritping whatsoever. First Legend of Cale 1 and now Final Fantasy R. I can tell through this not only how Fenrir's style has evolved, but the methods he used to create his games early in his OHR career.

    Everyone knows Fenrir for his outstanding original graphics. Because of his super excellent looking new game, TimeStream Saga Second Edition. Yet, before TSSE, Fenrir didn't make graphics as well as today. So he did the worst thing any OHR user could do... He ripped.

Every hero sprite, every enemy sprite. Everything except maptiles and the walkabouts were ripped. Which I will get to in a bit. The enemies were ripped, and they all didn't even look good. It was as if Fenrir was trying to make them look bad. Which is a little disappointing to see. Anyways, not all the enemy sprites loaded correctly either. Some became really really distorted and horrible. Although some of them were nicely shaded and done, but what sucks is Fenrir can't take the credit, because of the fact that he didn't do any of em.

Maptiles weren't bad. I can tell that Fenrir did this a long ways back for sure. But even still, Fenrir is awesome when it comes to World Maps. Which I will get to later too. Anyways, the mountain graphics and everything look simply beautiful. Okay maybe beautiful isn't the word for it. But the way they all worked was nicely done. Although the game lacked in animations, it was simply average in maptiles. The walkabouts were dissapointing too. Considering the fact that they didn't work with the ripped graphics at all. I mean, the knight looked like a knight in the ripped hero graphic. But when you see it in the walkabout form it looks like a feather sporting pansy. It was like I said, a dissappointing. Anyways, on with more!

    Everyone has played Final Fantasy H. Whether it was 5 minutes or 5 hours. Well, to make a long story short in case you want to skip this section and read the next, this game was a premake of Final Fantasy H. There ya go. Anyways, it was funny seeing all these horrible ripped graphics compared to the ripped ones in FFH. Although Garland did look the same as an enemy sprite as he did in FFH. Anyways, get the crystals, help the world, you get the picture right? It's FFH, just not as good.

    Fenrir has this weird thing I have noticed. He makes longgggg games. FFH was 12+ hours, TimeStreamSaga1 was 40+ hours I was told. The list goes on. Anyways, Fenrir loves the gameplay I can tell. I know everyone is proud to see one of their games with the hour count on the save file up. With FFR past 3 hours it is definitely above average in terms of the run of the mill OHR game. Anyways, the gameplay was kind of blah. After you got the crown for the "king" you really didn't know too much of where to go. I mean, I went and woke up the prince with the "herb" and then I spent a good 10 minutes or more searching where to go.

    The very first fights were rough. Which it seems that most games I have reviewed lately are like that. It starts out way harder than it needs to. The only complaint about battles is, they are either rediciouslly easy, or harder than a dry rock. With about 5 beginning strategies using 5 different characters it was pretty smooth. For instance, I started out with a balanced team. The Knight, Priest, Thief, and BlackMage. The fights were simple, I had a fast theif, and a powerhouse knight. Everyone else supported one another. The priest saved my ass by healing and the mage was kinda a waste.

  Map Design
    The world map was very very large. And thought out a great deal. Not many games of today have a lot of thought put into them it seems. There are two types of big maps to me. Long and annoying. Like I saw in Demon's Wrath and Nordomin. And then big humungous maps like I've seen in games like this, Deminsions and various others. Fenrir claims this game was the game that sparked the flare for FFH. But what he really needed to do was to put the world map in that game. Back on topic. Anyways with big maps and such thought out ways to get around it, it's a wonder that you don't get lost in it. Anyways, it was big, and graphically supported. Two good things to see. And there were boundaries that only certain vehicles can get you around. Not a shabby thing to see. For a game with no scripting, the vehicles were set up nicely. The ship had a docking port which made sense and looked good too. It didn't look tacky and crappy like my airship in Mr.Triangle's Shitty Adventure 4.

    As said, beginning battles are rough. Rough like a bed full of sandpaper and dried up matches and rocks. Yet, this game did feature things that balanced it out. Rather than fight until you level up, this game had healing items and spells. Something I haven't seen much of recently. Although the graphics for this area are lacking the general balance isn't. You never spend too much time in one area which is always a nice thing to see. Because when you do, the game gets a dragged out feeling and no one likes to. It's like my commercial arts teacher said. Us as humans are accustomed to seeing things at a much more constant rate. It's advertisement. We get bored with one thing too quickly. So we await the next. Hence channel surfing and other things we do. Oh and let's not forget the horrible excuse for enemy stats. Enemys were as said, either reall realll easy, or real hard. And there was always one good way around all of this, F4! And the F4 button came in grand need when travelling the world map by foot. Oh man, all of those stupid enimies! Unbalanced and sometimes if you got real lucky you could catch some of Fen's lack of programming to get free experience. In the Dungeon Keeper part of the game I didn't fight a single fight, but I got raised up like 10 levels. Weird, but hey I ain't complaining. Haha.

    My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area...

    As always and for some odd reason, I enjoy writing the review. It's something I get a kick out of doing. And if I could, I would make the game length longer for the time it took to review the game but that's not fair. It's like how I took 5 minutes to play Billy's Lost Soap, but it took me 20 minutes to review it. And the same for Crystal Globe. All old school games are nice to see. Especially ones that have been remade. Those are always a nice thing. When FFH is such a big hit, it's neat to see how it has came along. With FFR lacking in many areas such as scripting and graphics, it's always nice to have something at least enjoyable.

Final Blows
    Sometimes I swear I am getting tired of reviewing some of your old school games Fen. LOC1 was awesome to review though. And I really didn't mind this game. But once I tackle LOC2 the old school games you have will all be done. I will have reviewed them all. There really is no advice to give since these are all outdated. But what I can say to you is, to tone down your random battles and balance out your enemy stats. That's my only beef with your games. Until next time OHR people, this is RMZ signing off.

I could have sworn that was Garland a few minutes ago. Hmmm... Nope, definitely not a Horned Reaper.

I could have sworn that was Garland a few minutes ago. Hmmm... Nope, definitely not a Horned Reaper.
Final Scores
Graphics: 2.5/10.0
Fen you lose big points because of lack of original graphics! RIPPING EQUAL BAD!
Storyline: 4/10.0
It's like.. FFH all over again!
Gameplay: 2/10.0
Fen's games are all long so it's no suprise here.
Music: 1/10.0
My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area...
Enjoyment: 5/10.0
I enjoyed this game only to see how far FFH has come along. Congrats Fen. This not so good game has made your very popular FFH game.
Overall Grade: D
Final Thoughts
    Old and crummy yes? But nice to see how far Final Fantasy H has come along.  

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