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Heart of darkness 1 TRON vs. Battleblaze
Heart of darkness 1 TRON what?
Regal Lion
Download: 919 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 15 minutes
Review # 1 for Battleblaze what?
Them's Fightin' Words
    Was a garbled mess of bad screen shots, dialog, graphics. Intro was triggered by invisable npc that you had to WALK on.

Here, you are some badly drawn guy with a purple sword sheath, standing in some castle in the ocean. You walk one step forward and then the starting movie pop up...after you get past those screenshots you walk farther ahead, step on an NPC and whatdaya know more screenshots. After more walking,more screens, more bad grammer you find out your dreaming...I've played the game 5 minutes and I already hate it.

    This is confusing.As far as first games go the MAP graphics aren't bad at all, actually they are good. And with a freakin huge overworld I know he put alot of work into it. But as for the battle graphics and walkabouts, They were terrible crap that was painful to look at.

After the craptacular "intro" you walk into some town. The town was badly put together. Every person had a pool (or a well you can't tell the difference) and the wall map needs work (you can walk on the roof tops). But you can see work was put into it, it had animated maptiles, basic shadowing, clothelines between buildings etc. But it's as if he overlooked the basics of map design and just hopped forward to animated maptiles and shading. Inside the buildings was well drawn ( sort of) but new-age startrek chairs and brick houses with old fashion boilers don't quite mix. The maps didn't give you any clue of the time period, but since no one has a gun I assume its medievalish. But if the game takes place in an age of swords and sorccery why do the have black leather chairs with metal poles holding them up, ducks in a plastic vest and beach hat, pools, apartments, hotels (not inns) etc.? I smell ripped graphics ( or a retarded child) -_-.

When Regal was talking about his game he said it was wonderful, but I found the walkabouts more of the O MA GAWD DEESH PEOPLE LOOK LIKE SHOM DAMN BLOX genre. In total there must be at least 10 walkabouts at the max. And each of them looks like a mutilated sqaure. Most first games do have somecrap graphics but these are some exeptionally half-assed graphics. For one, he had the urge to give the people lips. since back made it look like a outline he made it red. RED! The hero has some red friken OHR lips!

You know that site that gives free hero graphics to people (linked to this is just has freakin bad. The main heros charecters design was all ripped (dragonballZ,streetfighter,?hell?) from animes or totaly original in it's square disglory.

In All


Big bad tyrant, some hero dude on a quest to stop him. At least that what I gathered. The spelling and grammer where worse than my drunkard speech in the IRC.

From what I gathered there was a guy with DARK RUNE (oh mah gawd!) and he is the KING (oh mah gawder!) and he's killing PEEPLE ( now datz just wrong. The people are sick of seeing the streets drenched with blood ( did they like it in the first place?) and want some people to save them, funny. In all the towns I went too all the people were happy, had swimming pools(or wells), enough clothes to put on a clothes line, happt doglike squares running though the streets, hell one city was braging about its agricultural wealth! But anyway some resistnce force gathers though (and I qoute) " some telepathic mindlink " and you are one of them and have to go find them cuz they're hidin in some houses waitin for you to come get em!

In the first few seconds of the game you are in a dream learn there is some badguy you need to kill and some girl joins you for no reason at frkn all! In this game they never even say your name they just call you, YOU...And lets see what we are fighting for. Open Door number 1! From the maps you go to you learn your fighting for some retarded polygon people and ducks in trenchcoats. From there you travel around the big map to towns exactly the same as the first map only...differnt.

Basicly its just a go to this city pick up this person who tells you to go do this in the next city kind of game.
    There was none really. Made me bored in 2 seconds

But since they won't let my review go through I I don't write sumthin I'll IMAGINE that there was some gamplay!

He says he had a hard time making his plotscripts, which is believeable since he has worse spelling than me. But If all those screen shots were part of the plotscripting than he dosen't know much about OHR. All his plot scripting could have been done with an NPC that is activated by touch and shows a chain of textboxes. And all he had to do with the textboxes was o make them show a backdrop? No duh eh? He shouldhave asked someone on the plotscripting if there was no other way to make backdrops pop up.

There I wrote as much as I could!!!

    The badly drawn hero's had at least 5 spell list with nothing in them. No items. No fun

You go into a battle scene. You have some 1 minute airbrush made backdrop and some alarmingly ugly enimies. With 5 spell list and no new attacks, battles get boring veeeeery quick. They weren't much to look at either. I'd really like to add more but there is so litttle to talk about there is no point

  Map Design
    Suprisingly the maps were awsome by first game standards. But they were usless none the less, with ugly people populating the towns and people talking about nothing.

Text boxes where horribly put toghether as people would start yet more half-assed conversations and wasting your time. They also lie. The town of Jade's people said they where known for their beautiful crops, I didn't see any crops! If by crops they mean grass. They say the streets are covered in blood and are opressed by the tyrant dude, but when you go to the towns they look happy with dogs running around, kids playing, ducks talking. I would be funny to think that there is no badguy and they are just some retards running around on a wildgoose chase.

Random wells/pools were everywhere and it was clear the same maptileset was used for all the towns. Things didn't fit in with the other things. You had space-age chairs and 15 century housing with stainglass windows...NUF SAID

    He dosen't know the meaning of the word.

Village to Village. Find A person go to next village, then the next, blah,blah freakin blah! The battles were odd and stupid. He probably just typed in some random numbers fot atk defence and so on and....%&^# he didn't even make enough of game to even say how bad it was! The crap battles map and story line is all there were!There is nothing more to write about NOTHING!


Starts out with some decent title music then just goes downhill. From decent, to bad, to annoying buzzes and bleeps.
Like He started the game wanting it to be good but then wussed out.

Battle music=some tastless stuff so you know your ears aren'y about to explode like your eye

Map music= do do do the map music was just a whole bunch of doo doo doo if you like then I feel sorry for you you you screwed up my stomach so I had to take a poo poo poo thats the end of my song so go ahead get along and read the rest ooooooof, this review

Thank and goodnight!
    Not much at all. with half @$$ graphics and stale storyline this game falls short of anything. But hyper crap games are the first steps to decent ones. The trick is not to post your hypercrap games. beats math homework...but not science homework... Don't play this game
Final Blows
    You play the game thinkin it's just another noob game. but it just goes down hill and gets worse. As if he didn't even care.
Graphics were just...MA GAWD NOOOOO
music was boring
battles where just shapes hitting each other.

enough said

enough said
Final Scores
Graphics: 3.5/10.0
The maps where really good but since the hero and walkabouts where total crap I think the maps were ripped.
Storyline: 5/10.0
Stale story but can be good, if all the plot wrinkles...check that, plot canyons were ironed out and Regal started caring.
Gameplay: 3/10.0
Sux. But have a 3.0 for effort and time making plotscripts and compiling and puting them into the game.
Music: 1/10.0
Was smooth and calm, but boring and gets worse.
Enjoyment: 3/10.0
I have wasted 15 minutes of my life.
Overall Grade: F
Final Thoughts
    Don't download this game unless you want a pointless rpg that you can't read or do anything else besides talk to ducks and fight monsters.  

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