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Deer Hunter XTREME vs. Shadowiii
Deer Hunter XTREME Yeah, bazookas are great for taking down mice...uh...wait...
Download: 121 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 1-2 minutes
Review # 31 for Shadowiii Yeah, bazookas are great for taking down mice...uh...wait...
Them's Fightin' Words
    Oh yes, everyone just LOOOVES hunting games. Everyone loves getting out their bow and arrow, strolling down into the forest, then sitting still for a good half hour waiting for a stupid deer to come out of the 3D Rendered Underbrush. Then you shoot at it. And miss. And it runs away. So you are stuck waiting again. And if you DO hit a deer, it probably won't die you go again on your quest to murder nice forest animals.

Well, if this sounds like the most exciting thing in the world to you, you're head will probably explode from sheer joy when you play this game. Deer Hunting XTREME is Deer/Bear/Moose/Mouse/Fish hunting taken to a totally new level. And by new level I mean bizzare, disturbing level. With bazookas.

Deer Hunting XTREME you are Hunter Green, fabled community criticizer with the sheepdog hairstyle. Frustrated by the lameness of your regular Deer Hunting game, you grab a trenchcoat, enough weaponry to supply the war in Iraq, and blow the crap out of various animals. Sounds fun? Well, to an extent.
    Graphics are in an 8-bit style, which I guess is parodying the fact that Deer Hunting games tend to make really good graphics for their games, and they don't really need the graphics. Eh. Anyway, overall it looks nice and 8-bitty, even though the maps don't have very much detail, and the NPC's are pretty dang ugly.

As above, NPC's are imported only decently. You'll know what the animals are, but they sure won't look good (in fact they look pretty retarded. :P) Hunter's graphic looks decently nice and animates reasonably well. The Missile you launch with your bazooka is one of the best NPC's in the game, he he.

Tilemaps are dull, considering there is only one map, and all it has is a cliff (sort of), a tree, a river, rocks, and grass. That's it. Wee. They are (again), 8-bit and look that way, which was pretty cool, but the lack of variety in the tiles made them dull. No bushes? Eh.
    Hunter is pissed off at Tim (Captain Action) because niether of them can beat their retarded hunting game, so he "makes" a new game and goes around blowing up animals. Yeah, there is no story. -_-;;  
    Slow and laggy, but overall a decnet experience. Almost all the 2004 528 hour contest games had some glitches and bugs in them (and most of them lagged too), but this one does a moderate job of keeping the lag down. There is a considerable amount of time between when you press the fire key and when teh bullet/missle/knife actually fires/launches/isstabbed, which really messes up the overal gameplay. There is also only one map to hunt on, and finding all the animals to blow into bite-sized pieces isn't very difficult, but I'd say this is a good thing. Why? Because if the maps had been too difficult, with that lag, it would have made the game a real pain. Basically what you do is simple: shoot animals with weapons. And they either die or explode.

You get a decent variety of weapons. You have a pistol, rifle, bazooka, and knife. You can also crouch, but you won't bother because the level where you'd use that isn't implimented yet (or I couldn't find it). It is neat how you use the ohr-equip system to equip the various weapons and such, but other then that it isn't anything special. Though the animals DO BLOW UP when you blast 'em with the bazooka. Oh yeah, did I mention the bazooka is guided? I thought that was pretty can control the bazooka missle, he he. (DIE BUNNIES)
    N/A (not an rpg)  
  Map Design
    Again, the map is really really linear, and you won't have any problem finding all the animals and blowing their brains out. I'd like to see more maps in an update, but as for now it is just...a map with animals. Nothing special, no tricks to perform, and crouching doesn't do jack squat.  
    I'm pretty sure that the music was ripped from something, but I can't put my finger on it. Anyway, a good selection, the title-screen song was especially appropriate. ^_^ Not a bad selection, though the game is too short to really have a wide range of music. Decent, to say the most.  
    I had fun, believe it or not, blowing up little critters with missiles. Yeah, I'm demented/disturbed/raised on violent video games....but heck, I hate hunting/fishing games with a PASSION, so getting out my bazooka and blowing up the things was fun for a while. I didn't like how if you press the "fire missile" button twice, you got a script overload, but I suppose that can be fixed also. Overall? It was fun, and worth the small download it was, I suppose.

Oh yeah, the introduction is freaking hilarious. You could just play the game for that and the download would have been worth it. ^_^
Final Blows
    Conclusion eh? I basically said everything I need to say all the way back in the intro...but I will make a few final comments. First, cut back on the lag! Crap, man, it got annoying at times. Next, fix that double-missile thing. That was REALLY annoying. Also, this game needs quite a bit more levels to be considered "complete," this just feels and plays like a demo or a work-in-progress. But for what it is worth (one map, about ten animals, and a bazooka) it is pretty much a laugh riot. Go ahead, geat it. You'll enjoy it for at least a while, before you delete it. The intro is so funny though...he he.

Final Scores
Graphics: 4.5/10.0
8-Bit, but there is NO VARIETY AT ALL in the woods. That really made it dull...where are the bushes and stuff?! Eh. But it WAS 8-bit, and the little 8-bit cutscenes really were cool too so...yeah, decent score here.
Storyline: 1/10.0
N/A (not an RPG, fool!)
Gameplay: 6/10.0
A bit glitchy and laggy, but overall a pretty funny experience. If blowing up little fuzzy animals is your thing then, well, I guess you'll just have a ton of fun. The guided bazooka was really sweet, too. :D
Music: 5/10.0
Title screen song was hilarious. The rest of the songs just were. Not bad, not good either though.
Enjoyment: 7/10.0
Hmmm...I had a decent time. There isn't anything I didn't really enjoy (besides the fact that it messed up when I pressed "fire" on the bazooka twice), but there wasn't anything I really hated either. Wait, I did enjoy the opening. That was hilarious! So, yeah, if you like blowing things up (ie if you are male) then you are guaranteed to like this game. ^_^
Overall Grade: C-
Final Thoughts
    If you hate/love hunting games (which basically translates into "everyone"), then you should get this game. It is quite a unique game, to say the least, and has quite a bit of humor to back it up. Go ahead, blow up that dumb rabbit with a bazooka. Get it for a quick game, then delete it.  

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