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Castle Paradox
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    1) Discontinued game by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    2) 8-Bit Graphics Set by FnrrfYgmSchnish
    3) Spoonweaver by Spoon Weaver
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R vs. RedMaverickZero
R Oh no! A chicken suit! AHH! Wait, that's normal compared to the other costumes in this game.
The Wobbler
Download: 951 KB
Play Time: hours and minutes
Review # 23 for RedMaverickZero Oh no! A chicken suit! AHH! Wait, that's normal compared to the other costumes in this game.
Them's Fightin' Words
    What is a nerd you ask? Well, some people may consider lots of the members of Castle Paradox nerds because of our prone to be on computers and know way too much about anime. But... Do we dress up in funny costumes and take harmless instant messages wayyyy too far? Odds are we don't. Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I think an educated guess is... no.

    Alright, first of all, this game was made in 48 hours. And for those that don't know common math and stuff, that is 2 DAYS! Yeah. Two days and for some reason this game did not win the contest. It was great, it was breathtaking, but more or less it had some pretty spiffy looking graphics.

I do not prefer to use walkabouts as hero graphics, but when you do this you seem to get a bigger frame to work with. Which is excellent to add a lot more detail. The majority of the heroes (three total) glew a crazy color when they performed an attack. Like when Grimace shot his super powered McNuggets he turned a crazy shade of bright neon green. Why? I don't know. And whenever Gandalf smited his foes down with his staff he glew a shade of blue. I don't understand what all the color changing was for. But what I do know is they looked real cool. Even for being real itty bitty. As mentioned, there was a lot of detail added to the sprites. Just Grimace alone which is all purple, had like 3-4 different shades of purple to make him look even better. And on top of all of this the animations were divine. When the Gandalf character moved he would sway his walking stick as if he were walking with the staff rather than just holding it.

    Three huge computer geeks empark on a perilous mission because they are scared of what? Terrorists? Men in black? Nope, they're just too smart for their own good and misinterpretted a friendly IM from one buddy to another over the internet. A harmless mistake right? Well, yeah I guess. But what the heck were they doing checking other people's IM conversations? No one really knows. But the furthur and furthur you go on through the game the more and more you learn that there is no terrorist building a secret weapon to destroy all of mankind as we know it. Nope. Just a dude in a crazy costume and three super nerds with too much free time. Yet, with the game's wide cameo appearance rate and the humorous dialogue performed by the main characters in costume the game had a very comical appeal. Grimace acted just like or smarter than the McDonalds version whom just flapped his arm. Spock said some errr... Spockity things and Gandalf was very much in character. Great job at portraying a story dude.

    This game had a wide variety of things that you could do actually. Well, not entirely. Anyways, it was pretty neat. First of all you had three characters. Gandalf, Spock, and Grimace. An unlikey bunch of heroes off to do something completely heroic and unneccessary. Anyways, the game is really short. I mean it's not super short like Billy's Lost Soap which I reviewed not too long ago. But it still is short. But short games aren't always bad. Especially when there is so much you can do. One neat thing about Totally...Gihern is the letter grade you obtain at the end. But with such a short game how do you obtain a letter grade you wonder? Well, I guess maybe it's based off how fast you beat the game and how many of these little green token things you find. They look neat and all, but I really don't see the point other than letter grades. Anyways, the dialogue was pretty damn funny and it really made the game seem longer than it was in terms of fun. And 20 minutes wasn't so bad for a game made for a contest either.

    Battles. Hmmm... What most of the OHR games use is the traditonal and simple to program Active Time Battle system or ATB for short. Totally...Gihern uses unique fighting skills and characters to make every fight practially different. I mean, first of all, you never do regain any of your MP. So you use it you lose it in other words. And there's no level up. No healing items, but Gandalf and Grimace have some healing skills that fill you up to practically full life. Even though the heroes only have two to three attacks there are a wide variety of things you can do for the fights. Oh and the cheapest thing about the battles were that EVERY fight you could run away. Which was extremely cheap.
  Map Design
    The maptiles were very plain and boring. I mean, there were two to three tiles for the inside of the house place. A variety of these would have been much better and look a lot better had there been variety. I mean it was supposed to be an office of some kind right? Well there coulda been desks, some potted plants, computers, the works right? Well, it looked like an old factory that was swept up and everything was taken out.

The general map structures were actually quite nice though. I mean granted there were two to three for the inside, but every individual room was set up so that you didn't get to the next enemy too soon or too late. It was spaced out pretty well. The only thing I would have added to the maptiles to support the story would be a lot more variety. Other than that it's nice.
    I love balance and as said in previous reviews, it really pulls a game together and makes it smooth. Not just in map design and battles but in other areas. Like items, enemy occurance and just about everything. This game had no random battles whatsoever and none of the characters leveled up at all. And when you open the game up in custom.exe you would notice that had they been able to they would have never gained a stat increase ANYWHERE. The bad thing about not being able to level up or at least have a healing or reviving item is that when a character dies, you are screwed. I got sidetracked for like a minute or two and Grimace died. No healing items at all or skills to revive is a strategy nightmare. You have to be quick on your fingers to keep your characters alive. It's challenging... yes. But it isn't that great. The only way I think Totally...Gihern can get away with this is because the game is so very short that items aren't entirely neccessary. What really ticks me off is that every fight was so monotoned and boring. I mean, the great thing about leveling up was that you could beef up enimies to make a challenge more deserving for the player. Other than those areas the game is pretty well balanced. Enimies have such a nice preportion of HP and stats. Just work on those areas for the rest of the game and you will be fine.
    My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area...

    The game was very creative and had some of the craziest dialogue I have heard since Mormon Mission. Mormon Mission had dirty language and kinda made the player feel repulsed. Yet this game is harmless fun. Reminds you of a good old fashioned Mario game. Where everything is straight forward and plain out fun. Totally...Gihern brings this type of fun to the game and a crisp new environment for the player. Like a world you see is entirely unlike the other. The game is fun and has simple fun. That's all you can really say. But you pretty much fall back in your chair when you see Surlaw explain to the heroes that their entire mission was completely pointless. Hehe.

Final Blows
    Totally...Gihern is a great game. Graphics support it completely. Actually those are some of the best things. And the story is pretty fun and crazy. The only real big thing I would suggest for the author to change would be to balance the game and add more variety to the maptiles. Adding even more detail to the game adds a lasting effect to the player's gaming experience. Which a lasting impression is always a fantastic thing to portray into a player's mind. Some authors of their games like to bring attention to story, to graphics, and do a fine job of balancing out all the other key features of the game. Totally...Gihern offers some, not all of these things and is still a great play.
It seems I hear lots of

It seems I hear lots of "nerdy" people say that nowadays. And now I can laugh more when I hear it.
Final Scores
Graphics: 8.5/10.0
The graphics were all walkabouts and animated beautifully. This made the game real neat to see in motion.
Storyline: 7.5/10.0
Three nerds go off to stop a potential "terrorist" from a misread Instant Message. That's crazy and fun to see.
Gameplay: 5/10.0
Only 20+ minutes with a limited range of attacks and details added to the game it doesn't exactly benefit entirely in this area but it's still fairly good.
Music: 1/10.0
My computer doesn't play BAM so I cannot judge this area...
Enjoyment: 8.5/10.0
The dialogue and events that are presented in this game are very fun and stunningly great. Awesome!
Overall Grade: C
Final Thoughts
    The game has good things going for it. And some bad. A very average game with some great things you will definitely enjoy!  

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