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Robot Game vs. Shadowiii
Robot Game He got the
Rolling Stone
Download: 14 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 1-2 minutes
Review # 27 for Shadowiii He got the "short" part right. This game is only a few seconds long.
Them's Fightin' Words
    Gilbert has a certain way with games, I've noticed. The games he makes either really appeal to you, or you just hate the dumb things. Robot Game is a prime example of this. Most people probably will hate it (it has enough flaws for almost anyone to hate it), but all in all it isn't a bad little game. It just isn't good, sadly. Unlike most of Gilbert's other games (IMD, etc.), this one doesn't come up to par. Honestly, it only needs a few things fixed to be better. I don't know why Gil didn't just fix them in the days extra he had before Human Day ended. Whatever.
    The best part of this game, besides maybe some of the dialogue. Though it is only a few tiles, some scientists, and still looks rather nice. Up to par with Gilbert's other games, to say the least. The game pretty much matches OHR average, which isn't bad.  
    Ah, another one of Gilbert's short games where you THINK it has some underlying point, but in all honesty you don't know if you can find it. Like his other games, this one's underlying point is a bit difficult to really pull out, but the story itelf is actually semi-decent. You are a robot, and you have to figure out which other robot to activate without destroying everything. I liked the ending.  
    Here is where I get mad. Gilbert had a fully decent game planned, something up to par with IMD or Sigmar, and he killed it with a buggy gameplay. Basically, what you are SUPOSSED to do is talk to the scientist, then read the paper on the table. You decide which robot to activate, then the game ends (whether you were right or wrong changes the ending). However, Gilbert ruined it. You can activate the robots at anytime (which isn't the part I am saying is bad), but after you activate them a scientist spans that TELLS you whether you did it right or not. So basically, you can talk to BOTH robots, and get BOTH endings. It should have continued after you activated the robot right into the ending, not stop and pause. This really disappointed me...the game was a decent game until that.

The gameplay is, like all of Gilbert's game, pointless. Only this one is pointless AND confusing. Argh.
  Map Design
    Music is, like most of Gilbert's games, taken from the pre-packaged BAMS. I like the pre-packaged bams, so no complaints. It was there, ambiant noise. So...I guess it did what it was supossed to do. Sort of.  
    I looked forward to it (Gil's post on the Human Day thread about how this game would force the other entrees to quit, it was so good; was hilarious), but I was a bit disappointed. Once I found out how to actually make it work, I enjoyed it more, but by that time I had already BEATEN and LOST the entire game, so the experience was ruined.  
Final Blows
    Gilbert, PLEASE PLEASE fix the gameplay. Then I'm sure the game would be much better. In all honesty, it isn't a great idea to release a game without making sure gameplay works for the PLAYER. I wish it were fixed up, then I could give it a better grade (C range maybe), but as it is now, it is a mess.

If you read this entire review, you have spent more time reading this review then it would take you to probably beat the game three or four times. You know what, skip the rest of the review, and play the game. I won't the time spent will probably be around the same quality.

Download to complete your Gilbert collection, but if you didn't like any of his other games don't even bother.
Oops, spoiled the ending. Oh well. If you scrolled this far down, you might as well get the game anyway.

Oops, spoiled the ending. Oh well. If you scrolled this far down, you might as well get the game anyway.
Final Scores
Graphics: 5/10.0
OHR average, plain and simple. They look decent, and they do what they need to.
Storyline: 3/10.0
Even though it was marred by gameplay, it was a decent lesson overall. The ending was perfect for the story, but the story wasn't much, to be honest.
Gameplay: 1.5/10.0
Urg, messed up. It needs a little more work (very little, in fact) and it would be actually playable. As for now, it isn't good.
Music: 3/10.0
It just is. OHR default music. I liked those songs before, so they are fine now.
Enjoyment: 3.5/10.0
I would have enjoyed this a lot more if Gil hadn't messed up the gameplay, but luckily the ENTIRE effect wasn't lost. I had a decent time, and considering it was under three mintues, it wasn't enough time for me to whine about it being lost.
Overall Grade: D
Final Thoughts
    For the few seconds it is, it isn't horrible. Considering it is under 20kb, you can't really waste your time downloading it. So why not, play it. But this one isn't nearly as fulfulling as Gilbert's other games.  

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