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Castle Paradox
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        AW - Unsettling Theme by Rimudora
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Babel vs. RedMaverickZero
Babel No bug dude... What you mean to say is there's something wrong with this game.
Download: 295 KB
Play Time: 1 hours and 30 minutes
Review # 18 for RedMaverickZero No bug dude... What you mean to say is there's something wrong with this game.
Them's Fightin' Words
    When your house gets infected with termites what do you do? You call a bug exterminator. Those last two words sum up what this game greatly needs. A bug exterminator. Babel may have some great and creative gameplay. But it's bugs QUICKLY drag all of this down to a mere waste of time.
    Graphics look fine. Until you see the animations. Then you just wonna weep your eyes out. It's awful. The battle animations look.... sketchy to say the least. In a fight the enimies all look simple and plain. No real form is established. And for instance, the javelin dude. He holds his javelin in his battle graphic. Now, he throws it and he's throwing what looks like a yellow tipped cigar. I mean what the heck? It looks nothing like a freaking javelin. That's one thing that fried me about graphics. The other is the walkabouts. Everytime a hero (excluding the bug guy) walks, their eyes move. Like they all have Teret syndrome or something. When I saw that, even before I was in a battle, I knew this screamed trouble for my time and eyes. I have definitely seen better, but on the bright side, I have definitely seen worse. Compared to the lack of graphical quality in Billy the Gnome this game is more appreciated than it should have been. My only advice to Grandtrain if he/she wanted to fix this game up, would be to work on these damn animations. Dammit, makes em look like they got teret syndrome. Ugh. *Remembers picking on kids at school with teret*

    From what I established. There's a crew of dudes and dudettes travelling to the top of this tower to protect the people from a great evil. When they get to the top of the tower (and avoiding all the enimies because they are bugged!) they meet up with what appears to be an old accomplice. The once normal looking chick turns into a big ferocious thinga ma jig and attacks you. Continuouslly. Until you figure out, HEY! Ok, I'll explain the HEY in gameplay. But for the most part after this scene character development went underway and it made the game a lil bit funner to play. Not fun, but on the verge of fun.

    Gameplay... Oooh boy. Battles really killed this one for sure. But all the same. It has mountains of time to play. Like a whole hour and a half. Hehe. And if the bugs catch ya, well the time is infinite. So avoid the bugs at all costs. The coolest and most unique part of this game would have to be shocking the big beasty thing. By the way. This is the HEY! from "Storyline". After you beat the crazy bitch you have to shock her by having her on one of the tiles and you on another tile at the same time. This coincidence causes the bitchy beast girl to be shocked and you unharmed. Do it like 5 times without running into her and you will be home free. This was one of the best things about this game to be honest. And it was real cool to see the ending result.

There actually is a wide variety of strategies to use and they all start out in the beginning of the game. First of all, the somewhat neat thing that GrandTrain does is he/she made it so you choose a party of four allies and then you go off and do your quest. Sounds kinda spiffy. Yeah, and here's why. Most every character is different in some way. Whether it be in the limited dialogue or their animations and attacks (Which weren't that great...). My point being, that depending on which characters you choose in the very beginning affects on how much you will enjoy the battles. For instance, I chose this weird lady with a stick like thing and for a long time she really really sucked. All of her attacks were stat raising. And one was to an ally, then the main attack she had was to beef herself up. But what good does that do in the very beginning? I'm as dumbstruck as you are. Grandtrain could've turned her into a very strategic character, and maybe he/she did. But I didn't level up as much as I probally could have. All the same, the mismatching of characters was pretty strategic. Not Final Fantasy Tactics kinda strategic, but still, fairly nice.

    Battles... The battles were in my opinion, inferior and unbalanced. The battle graphics were on the verge of decent due to lack of animation quality. The only one that looked slightly decent by standards was the bug dude. Because when he did his secondary attack he knelt down and looked like he pushed the big giant thing at the opponent.

One awful thing about the battles were this horrible bug. It was less than 5 minutes from when you pick your 4 party members that this bug was unleashed. It forced you to fight UNLIMITED fights over and over. Like the never ending story, except with ATB battles. The battles were also unbalanced because of the lack of stat difference upon level up. The battles were a great dissapointment to my time. Lucky for me I played these while I was sleepy so I was able to go to sleep real soon after a fight and save.

Oh... And as usual, I thank the good OHR makers for the F4 button.

  Map Design
    Very well thought out. Every area of the game was crisp and thought out to the maximum of the game's potential. It was really good. Like the tower you have to climb to get to the top to protect it was so well designed. And if not for this design it would have been near impossible to dodge the buggy NPCs with the awful battle glitch... AKA: SAVING TIME! After a while the map design seemed a lil tedious and boring. Yet for some reason I steered on. Why? Because of some stupid challenge? Yes.

The most ingenious thing about the map design was also the most impressive part of the game. The shocking of the big beasty bitch lady. The tiles were at a precise distance so that the script programmed to the NPC didn't affect you if you shocked it just right. This was the most impressive part of the game. Because no matter where you go, the scripts work.

    Horribly horribly unbalanced... NO ITEMS WHEN YOU NEED THEM!!! Minus big points there. Items are a big and helpful thing that make games more strategic. And it makes me wonder how without useful items that this game got an A in the first place... Without items and the fact that there were extremely limited healing skills made the game even more unbalanced than I thought it could have been. This was a balance massacre.
    Don't let the screenshot fool ya. The game isn't good. It looks good through the shot but it sure wasn't. It's very unenjoyable due to the awful bugs and glitches that are easily avoidable if you use your brain and just duck into narrow passageways to evade. Anyways, the storyline was somewhat enjoyable and the dialogue was humorous at times. But those weren't enough to establish a decent amount of enjoyment.
Final Blows
    Babel is based off of biblical stories and beliefs. Yet it's poor graphical animations and lack of music, and let's not exclude the bugs that drag this game near rock bottom. Usually games with too many characters are bad because it takes forever to establish character personalities and development. And when a game such as this has so many characters, not enough character dialogue it makes the author look like he wanted a strictly based fighting game. Which I guess is what he/she achieved in doing. Because counting the bugs, that's the majority of this game, fights. And it is really dissappointing and sad to see bugs like this. Especially when they post the bugs in their game. The least they could do is take the time to actually playtest their own game. *Remember FFH-2's bugs*
This ladies and gentlemen... Is the beasty lady, before she begins her cycle

This ladies and gentlemen... Is the beasty lady, before she begins her cycle
Final Scores
Graphics: 4/10.0
The graphics are great... Until you see them animate. The maptiles were perphaps the best graphical part of the game. The animations really killed it.
Storyline: 3.5/10.0
Biblical stuff is interesting to a certain agree. This game established it pretty well, but the whole lack of believable characters made it a lil less enjoyable...
Gameplay: 3.5/10.0
Bugs... Bugs don't make a game fun. The gameplay was pretty decent. Had a fair amount of playable stuff and a wide variety of strategy that could be used. Too bad the author didn't use this to his/her advantage and expand on it greatly.
Music: 1/10.0
Enjoyment: 2.5/10.0
This game had a lot of potential. I mean, take a look at the screenshot and then look at the storyline for a little while. It's great. But the animations, lack of music, and bugs really drag this down a lot.
Overall Grade: D+
Final Thoughts
    Try this game out if you like dodging buggy glitches and then fighting near impossible enimies with some of the crappiest formats of battles you'll ever see... Oh, and let's not forget that one cool part. Heh...  

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