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Castle Paradox
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vs. Quinn
The title screen.
Download: 22B
Play Time: 5 hours and 22 minutes
Review # 2 for Quinn The title screen.
Them's Fightin' Words
    The Earth is a place full of violence and corruption, a place where gangs rob innocent people. All these depressing thing are making The Sorcerer of the Dead stronger and stronger, preparing to destroy the earth. The Sorcerer of the Dead is standing on the moon looking down on the Earth and decides to test one of his powers but the moons gravity affects it and turns it into a gamma ball hurtling towards Earth. Though there is a minute chance that it would hit someone if it did it would alter there DNA and kill them, but if by some miracle they where to survive they would have great powers.
    The battle sprites are definitely the best in the game, they are not distorted and they are well coloured, the only bad point is that they are not shaded, but for some reason it is hard to notice. The walkabouts have a very simple animation (one leg moving) but they look very much alike to there battle sprites. This game contains allot of backdrops, which is good as it gets a bit boring talking with the walkabouts all the time. The maptiles are pretty average, there aren’t any animated tiles and there isn't really many objects other than the usual trees and so on. Finally, the battle backdrops have a good amount of detail, lets say you fought a battle near a door then in the battle backdrop there would be a door, there are lots of games that lack this and it makes a big difference to the realism.
    You play a teenager called Matt who one day is being chased by a gang of thugs when you get hit by a gamma ball, you are killed but then brought back to life by a mysterious figure in return for going on a quest. The gamma ball altered your DNA and gave you gravity powers so you become a super hero whose first job is to defeat a gang that is stealing money from banks and innocent people, and then you may visit your school and talk to your friends. After that the real quest starts, you must travel to the Neverworld to destroy an evil Sorcerer who plans to destroy the Earth, but he runs from you and you must follow him around the Neverworld. Along the way you must resolve problems , find key items and defeat many monsters that stand in your way.
    The game does not contain any plotscripting from what I can tell but it does contain a lot of tags which are needed. The battles are fairly balanced and increase in difficulty at a good rate. The maps can become confusing at times and a minimap would be useful.
    The battles are well done, only two problems, there is one battle (with an egg) that has an insane amount of defence and HP for your current level and I had to open up custom to lower its stats also another battle that is much stronger than the final boss and it is necessary to defeat to finish the game.
  Map Design
    The maps can become confusing at times but overall they are pretty straight forward. There are usually paths so you know which way to go but sometimes you just have to go through gaps in between trees. One problem that became very annoying is at the beginning of the game on the roads, you can only get to the next map by walking right through the middle and you can't get through any other way.
    There could be a few less battles, it gets quite irritating having to fight every fourth or fith step when you are lost, but if this was so then you would probably be waling up and down looking for battles later in the game. I guess if you fight every battle in the game then you will have no trouble finishing it so, it is well balanced.
    I am not sure if any of the music is original but I know there is some ripped music from FF7 and Megaman and I also think there is some of the music included in the OHR downland but it all fits in well with the game and I didn't notice it sounding repedative at all. There are five battle themes and no character themes just a few basic ones (forest, castle, dungeon, house) but there is a great title theme and a great ending theme, which sounds very sad to me.
    This game has a few bad points that make this game less enjoyable, for one there is the battle with the egg that is impossible to beat unless you open up custom and the lack of plotscripting but the good points greatly overpower the bad points making this game highly enjoyable for anyone. The storyline is the most enjoyable thing, it pulls you in and you won't be able to stop playing, the ending is great as well.
Final Blows
    This may not be the best OHR game I’ve ever played but it is definitely the best first game I have played. All aspects of the game are above an average first game standard. There isn't any plotscripting that I can tell of and this is the biggest let down, I usually don't like games that don't have original music but this game is different for some reason I liked it, maybe because it fitted in well with the game. The amount of backdrops adds to the experience and make the game much less boring.
A giant wind demon.

A giant wind demon.
Final Scores
Graphics: 7.5/10.0
The battle sprites are great.
Storyline: 9/10.0
You wont be able to stop playing until the end.
Gameplay: 4/10.0
You will need to open it up in custom and edit the eggs stats.
Music: 6/10.0
Most of the music is ripped but it fits well in the game
Enjoyment: 9/10.0
The storyline make this game very enjoyable
Overall Grade: B+
Final Thoughts
    Ever wanted to be a super hero and travel to the Neverworld to save Earth from destruction, then all you need to do is get hit by a gamma ball and then be revived by a mysterious character, easy. I recommend this game to anyone reading this right now.  

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