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Pac Man OHR vs. Shadowiii
Pac Man OHR Almost done!
Download: 13 KB
Play Time: 0 hours and 5 minutes
Review # 21 for Shadowiii Almost done!
Them's Fightin' Words
    The "Do something with nothing" contest was a nice idea, and it spawned some really interesting games. This one, done by Fyre, is a decent little game. I don't know WHY I'm reviewing it because it is, basically, Pac-Man in OHR form. But I might as well to point out a few things that I did/didn't like about it.

So, yeah. By downloading this you get Pac-Man in the OHR with one glorious level, in case you didn't know that already (which would make you a moron).
    Using limited resources, I must say Fyre did a pretty good job. Of course, this is Pac-Man, so don't expect nothing better then ghosts and a chomping yellow dude. Also white things you eat. Compared to the other contest game (The Curse of Dracula), this one has a much larger variety of colors, and is much less harder on the eyes.

Pac man looks good, like Pac Man. No complaints.
The Ghosts are neat, but a little dull. They are all the same color, which was a bit bland.
The dots are white dots. Wee.
The tilemap was decently done, and was actually a grade up from the regular Pac-Man graphics. Nice.
    It is Pac Man with one level. Except there are a few differences. First off, the magic invincible glowing fruits are gone. Second, there is no randomly spawning fruit like in the original. Third, the ghosts are a bit dumber (NPC's with the "follow hero" set). Don't expect much of a challenge.

It is interesting that the ghosts are basically all the same in terms of AI except different speeds. Also, there is only one map in the entire game, which isn't really fantastic. I wonder if Fyre ran out of points and couln't make another map. But if he didn't, he probably should have, because this one map gets dull and offers no replay value at all. Plus it is really small.

Overall, not hard, really easy. Considering how hard Pac-Man on my calculator was, this was a breeze. A bit control-laggy thanks to the OHR, but any additional challenge is welcome, so I didn't mind.
  Map Design
    See "Gameplay" above.  
    There was none. Again, Fyre may have ran out of points, maybe not. But not putting music was a bad idea. Heck, the game only needed one song. It could have even been the really annoying arcade pac-man music. Overall, the lack of music niether degrades nor adds to the game, because the game was so short anyway I didn't really notice.  
    It was a decent few minutes. Even though it was way too easy, I still admit it was somewhat enjoyable. Considering the download took under a second, I can't really complain, though I probably spent more time unzipping it and loading it then I did playing it. More levels would definally be a fix if Fyre ever decides to update it.  
Final Blows
    More levels. Other then that, the game isn't a waste of a download, but it isn't really worth it either. It just is, which is nice. It is Pac-Man for the OHR, so play it if you want to see how to...make Pac-Man in the OHR. That is basically it...
Certinaly a unique way to display who made the game.

Certinaly a unique way to display who made the game.
Final Scores
Graphics: 4/10.0
They look nice and colorful, and certianly not dull. The tilemap was an improvement over the original Pac-Man, which was great.
Storyline: 1/10.0
N/A (disregard score)
Gameplay: 4/10.0
Really easy. REALLY easy. Really easy Pac-Man, that is basically it.
Music: 1.5/10.0
None, but do not disregard score. Music would be a nice addition, without it it was a bit bland.
Enjoyment: 4/10.0
It wasn't a bad few minutes. Then again, it wasn't a wonderful few minutes either. It was nice to see an OHRer thinking out of the mold, but other then that...
Overall Grade: D
Final Thoughts
    A decent little game. Download if you are bored and want to spend three to five minutes playing this game then deleting it. Not bad considering the limited resources, but not wonderful either.  

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