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kill the seagulls vs. RedMaverickZero
kill the seagulls A good example of a horrible waste of time...
Download: 10 KB
Play Time: hours and 5 minutes
Review # 16 for RedMaverickZero A good example of a horrible waste of time...
Them's Fightin' Words
    For those of you who have seen it, remember Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Well remember when Indy's dad takes his umbrella and opens it back and forth to scare the seagulls into flying upward and crashing the jet? That looked like fun. This game didn't. With no audio features and very poor graphical work, this game is perphaps one of the worst games I have played this year. It really is that bad. And it seemed to mimic MulticoloredWizard and Aetheral's decent game, OHR Arena.
    When you were about 4 you couldn't draw very well and the best you could come up with was a stick man. Well, when you hit the age of 10 your graphical knowledge steered you away from them. And then when you hit about 13 (minimum age to join CP) you can maybe even add detail. Well, this game goes towards that about half right. The walkabouts are purely sad. For those of you who use the OHR, there were 2 tiles used. A plain and ordinary blue tile, and a black tile. Whether the guns were NPCs or not I do not know. But to me, that was very poor. But the battle graphics were a little bit better. When you press Enter to play the game from the imaginary title screen you see the stick figure, then you go into a battle and it's a huge transformation. Like an egg into a chicken. It's a drastic change. Anyways, the battle graphics were much better than the pathetic walkabouts. The main character named.... Man, had a well structured body and did what he did. Throw rocks or arrows or even bullets at the poorly positioned seagulls scattered in the top screen. And there was no battle backdrop, so you were fighting in a plain... black... boring... backdrop.
    From what I gathered, there was no storyline, nor a need for one. The creator clearly states in the bio for the game near it that the game is fighting seagulls and that is it. To me, it's garbage. There was no plot, no story, just awful graphics and fighting seagulls. Nothing great. But something awful... But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    As mentioned, this game mimics the fairly fun and decent game, OHR Arena, created by MulticoloredWizard and Aetheral for the 2003 48 Hour Contest. First of all, you start out at a very low level and have the option to fight the final boss the moment you start the game. As in Seagulls, rather than a final boss, there is a "Mother Seagull" who is annoying and just plain out creepy looking. And there is an area to purchase items to improve your shot of victory in a fight.
The items are the only thing that make the fights even possible to win. Because of the low accuracy of the hero, and the high dodge rate of the seagulls, every standard attack you throw misses or does shit for damage. So for every fight you must spend a small chunk of change to get tons of items for victory. The items had a wide variety which was nice, but didn't really pull the game together. From shotguns to fire arrows, the game had everything you needed to shoot down these err... seagulls... Yeah...
    As I have mentioned before. They are awful. And unless you have items, you lose or sit there impatiently for a good 10 minutes for a whopping 3 Experience! The battle graphics were much better than the walkabouts and maptiles but that's not saying too much. The graphics showed the enimies for what they were. Seagulls... And an egg and a roasted bird... The hero graphic was on the verge of decent. And attack graphics were a plus. They weren't anything special. But neither was this game. Anyways, the items in this game pretty much were the battle. Without them, everything else was just there to make the game look "pretty", which it did an awful job of doing. When I saw the graphics for the battles I thought, hmm, these are better, maybe it will have a decent battle programmed. I was so terribly wrong.
  Map Design
    Poor. To compare it to one of my more recent reviews it is worse than a bucket of crap roasting in the sun on a summer day. In the review I made of "Robot Game" I criticized the map design to being only one map but having decent graphics. This game however, takes the cake in bad map design. By not even being a real map at all. Just a few black and blue tiles and some poorly drawn NPCs. No animations, no detail. In the OHR Arena, it held the same concept and had a variety of maps for the game. Even a sweet looking lobby. But this game hold absolutely nothing to that.
    I look for balance. I personally think that balance holds a game together and keeps the game rolling at a brisk pace to keep the player interested in what they are doing and hoping to achieve in the game. Which is an ending for the mostpart. This game had only one balanced thing going for it, and it's nothing to brag about. The shop. There were a wide variety of items to purchase. Yet, the downside of this shop is there were absolutely no healing items whatsoever. So if you were to fight a seagull or two and you started to die, well, you'd die and have to replay this miserable game from the beginning. Which by then you'd be right clicking the .RPG file and sending it straight to the trash where it belongs. As described throughout the review, the battles were a huge setback. No game should be solely based off of using items to improve gameplay. Of all things, they should help minorly. Not 100%. This game, was very unbalanced for what it needed. A great dissapointment to my time for downloading this.
    I can think of countless things I should've rather been doing than playing this game. Watching paint dry. Oh that's a good one. It certainly lasts longer than this poor excuse for a game. Anyways, the concept wasn't bad. It's just the way the author established that concept that made it what it is. Not good. And certainly bad.
Final Blows
    I can tell based off of all the qualities of this game that you are just starting off (author). And that you enjoy making these games, but in the same respect are lazy in this hobby. My best advice to give you, if you do intend on using the OHR and becoming better and more accustomed to it is to work with someone more experienced with it. There are plenty of people who can give you help on your games and ideas throughout the boards. Post them. These people (for the most part) know what they're talking about.
Notice the slight change from walkabouts, to battle? Not good, but a change.

Notice the slight change from walkabouts, to battle? Not good, but a change.
Final Scores
Graphics: 2/10.0
Awful... That's the one word that not only describes graphics, but the game as a whole...
Storyline: 1/10.0
Killing seagulls... That's pretty much the storyline... And to be honest, it could've worked out nicely. But the real question is... WHY? Why is the guy killing seagulls?
Gameplay: 2.5/10.0
5 minutes to beat the game. 2 minute to realize it's a waste of time.
Music: 1/10.0
Enjoyment: 1.5/10.0
I enjoyed writing the review... Not much else about the game sparked my interest though.
Overall Grade: F
Final Thoughts
    Good concept... Poor game...  

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