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Supernerds V.S. The Goth Kult vs. Chaos Nyte
Supernerds V.S. The Goth Kult
MadChaz & Roham
Download: 82 KB
Chaos Nyte
Review # 14 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    When the leader of the Supernerds decides to terrorize the local mall, you know there's going to be trouble. When his girlfriend's house has been invaded by the Black Sword's Goth Kult, and they've kidnapped her, you just know hells gonna break lose.

Storyline: Okay, so its painfully simple. But for a short demo its pretty decent. Your going to the local mall, when Bam! Your girlfriends been taken hostage by evil goths! With your band of lame super heroes, you get to invade her house and attempt to save her. Of course, the demo ends about there, it was pretty damn fun while it lasted. The variety of characters is entertaining, and for once, they have a reason to join. There your friends. It was refreshing to play a game where people didn't join for no reason and they disappear into the background. All of your party members offer their views on the situation at hand, and their all unique. From Sailor Jade’s belief in the power of the moon against evil, to the rather lame town people, who won’t let you ransack their houses. Still, our heroes struggle onward. But what did you expect? There super nerds! The spelling is rather poor, but the dialogue is always up beat and easy to read.

Graphics: Uniquely newbie. This author isn't afraid to go into clichés in a big way. Battle graphics are especially well done, and maptiles are decent. Everything looks just like it should for a game. Nothing fancy, just regular graphics for a regular town. Swarming with super heroes!

Gameplay: Interesting battles with plenty of attacks. Maps are small and well designed, though wall-mapped poorly. Frankly the game isn't long enough to focus on anything but battles.

Music: Standard fare, being ripped from popular games or the engine. But all of its fitting
Final Scores
Graphics: 8/10.0
Nothing fantastic, but they won't let you down.
Storyline: 8/10.0
Fresh and engaging. Too bad the spelling is awful.
Gameplay: 7/10.0
Great battles make up for poor wall mapping.
Music: 5/10.0
Its music, and it fits. Woot.
Overall Grade: B-
Final Thoughts
    It won't win any awards, but this demo reminds us all what a good newbie game is like. I'm keeping this one on my hard drive to remind me that great characters is what make a game good.  

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