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 1) 4 hits
+4 Ends of the Earth 2 by Valkayree
+3 Vore Day RPG by Ronin Catholic
 2) 2 hits
+2 Stoneset Saga: Quest for the Unbeloved by Product of Insanity
+1 Ends of the Earth by Valkayree
+2 Shadowiii vs Santa Barbara Airport DX by Shadowiii
Duck and MJ 2 vs. Chaos Nyte
Duck and MJ 2
Download: 125 KB
Chaos Nyte
Review # 13 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    A duck and his friends decide to go get some cookies and end up searching the world over for them. Sound boring? It is.

Storyline: Duck, Bunny, and MJ have decided to go get some cookies, and they travel around the world looking for them, meeting old friends from the first game and helping them out. The dialogue is uninspired, the characters are flat and 2-D and I don't think anyone would bother to play through the whole game. Unless you've got some sort of thing for causing yourself mental anguish. The whole thing is a horrible facade, like watching a bad tv show.

Graphics: Nice use of shading for the characters and enemies, and the variety of NPCs is nice. However, theres maybe a total of twenty maptiles in the demo. This gives the whole game a rather bland look. Still, some effort was attempted, and there better then the graphics from the first Duck & MJ game.

Gameplay: The spells and attacks are interesting to watch, but your going to be watching a whole lot of it. A good half of the time you'll spend in this game will be fighting enemies, which give up far to little exp. Maps are simple and easy to navigate, but plain. To bad, you'd think in a world of talking animals and cars the architecture would of been unique. Also, maybe I’m wrong, but the wafers you buy in the stores, wouldn’t they be a type of cookie?

Music: Taken from the engine, and placed poorly. You could honestly have your speakers off and still get the same effect out of the game. Yawn.
Final Scores
Graphics: 4/10.0
Suitable, but boring
Storyline: 1/10.0
It's just not interesting.
Gameplay: 2/10.0
Something about spending ten minutes to get a duck to level up just makes me feel unclean.
Music: 2/10.0
Leave your speakers off.
Overall Grade: F+
Final Thoughts
    The simple fact of the matter is that this game just isn't any fun to play. Go look somewhere else to satisfy your RPG playing needs.  

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