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Threads of Time vs. Chaos Nyte
Threads of Time
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Chaos Nyte
Review # 11 for Chaos Nyte
Them's Fightin' Words
    Poor Vance. When your a orphaned teenager living at the local inn, I guess everything can be a little depressing. To bad this game is too.

Storyline: The intro for ToT is good, being both cryptic and strange. Vaguely reminding me of CT beginning. Most of the characters are well fleshed out, such as Elspeth, the kindly old inn keeper. Vance is an emotional guy, and it really helps the story move along. The biggestproblem is that the game is to short to really establish much, and you seem to spend to much time doing small tasks. Above average, but not all that great. Spelling and grammars errors were quite low.

Graphics: A little bit of column A, a little bit of Column B...While most of the graphics drawn by the creator were good, there was extreme ripping in some areas, and seems to plain to me that this was laziness induced. Most of the tiles were ripped from FF3, including battle backgrounds. In the end the score balances out, but I would of enjoyed the game a lot more if I knew that the creator had bothered to finish it up.

Gameplay: Uh oh. This is where ToT falls flat on it's proverbial face. As the game goes on, the wholething slowly starts to fall apart. Wallmaps aren't put in, out of place map tiles abound, andenemy fights that don't trigger an actual fight exist. The worst part is when your secondcharacter joins up, she brings along a mysterious man named Kaze, who doesn't have a finished walk-about, or battle graphics. The demo doesn't end, its just stops giving you places to go. Even door links are misplaced, one of them ends up trapping you in a room. I had to reset the game to escape. Treasure chests don't disappear, shaky wall mapping...oh well. At least it holds together for the first ten minutes.

Music: Standard ripped fare from popular SquareSoft games. Placed well, and not annoying.
Final Scores
Graphics: 5/10.0
Good, but a little to much ripping for my tastes.
Storyline: 6/10.0
A step above average, but you won't remember what it was about next week.
Gameplay: 1.5/10.0
Somebody didn't bother to play test their own game.
Music: 5/10.0
It's music, thats all.
Overall Grade: D-
Final Thoughts
    A promising start fails because the creator didn't want to play his own game. And if he didn't bother to play it, why should you?  

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