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Santa Goes Extreme By Snodrvr And vs. RedMaverickZero
Santa Goes Extreme By Snodrvr And Good old title screen. Nice and simple!
Download: 36 KB
Play Time: hours and 7 minutes
Review # 12 for RedMaverickZero Good old title screen. Nice and simple!
Them's Fightin' Words
    Ho Ho Ho! Santa Clause is coming to your house with vengenance! Nice little pink presents for the good little boys and girls, and big bad bombs for the naughty kids! Bwah ha ha! Santa Clause Extreme is by far one of the funnest games I've played non RPG orienented for the OHR. It's fun and fast and there's tiny elves on the ground, and penguins too!
    Graphics could have been better. I personally thought since this game was mostly one level, with a pretty great theme and was fun that the graphics could have been much better. I mean half the time it was just plain dull maptiles and some simple walkabouts. And the only real things going on in the walkabouts for Santa were him pacing back and forth in his sleigh. With such a jolly man as the fat man himself you could have easily "expanded" on graphics. But eh, they looked like what they were supposed to be. Which if I may reference an Odd Todd cartoon "...You put it all together.... It's good!"

    Finding out whose been naughty and whose been nice based off of colored houses... Not much here, but then again, it didn't need too terribly much either.

    In the end you're playing so fast the little 5 minutes of gameplay slip on by. And you see all the cool stuff. Like the waddling penguins, snowmen, and even the occassional elf. But what was really cool was that you didn't drop one type of present, you targetted two things. Good and bad. Which is awesome. So you're zooming by in your super cool sleigh and you see a black house, press B to drop a bomb. See a pink house, press P. It's awesome. Anyways, if the graphics supported the gameplay better this game would get more merits in this area. But the rest was so very fun. I take my hat off to Gizmog1 for programming this. It almost inspires me to make a sidequest for one of my games. It really is quite good. This was the most commendale part. Then again, this was the whole game. Hehe.


  Map Design
    Very thought out. It seems that the makers seemed to make special paths to take to get the most amount of points. Which is excellent because some players may be tricked into going one way but then realize it was too late and get like one house when on the other side there could be more. A lot of thought went into this. Timing the speed of the crafty sleigh and the accuracy of the player and his/her dropping of the presents and bombs into the chimneys. All this took a lot of testing and a lot of thought. Very very nice. Although graphics would have supported this game much more.

    Houses were evenly placed. Although the game made it impossible to get every house due to the slow speed of the sleigh. My only encouragement, if you made a game very similar to this or even remade this one which is to make the sleigh move the fastest it can and make the map twice as big. It would really speed it up and make it fast paced fun rather than the tedious slowness of the sleigh.

    Christmas themed. Suited the theme quite nicely. Not really much to it. It was ripped holiday tunes for this festive and EXTREME game. Not bad. Fit the mood nicely too.

    I enjoyed the game. I found myself playing it a good three times before it hit me. Hey, I've played this game a good three times. Maybe I should review it. So I played it a fourth time and took some screenshots. And wullah, here's a review. The constant changing and the overall concept of the game made it very enjoyable. I'd say everyone should try it. Short games are always good to check out. Especially one as addicting as this.

Final Blows
    A classic. Goes to show you don't need graphics to make a great holiday game. It makes me love these holiday themed games even more. It really does. The Halloween games got me in the spirit of Halloween (made me hate the kids more and more when the doorbell rang for them to candy). But this game was nice. Good touch. Not heart warming like the holiday, but all the same, very nice. I take my hat off again.

Bombs Away!!!! And err... presents too... Awesomeness!

Bombs Away!!!! And err... presents too... Awesomeness!
Final Scores
Graphics: 5/10.0
Much could have been worked on in this particular area. Such as the walkabouts and the overall maptiles which could've worked with the game to give it a better feel. Maybe some shading and some better structure of the graphics and it would be excellent.
Storyline: 5/10.0
Not much here. Then again, storyline never really was in the game's concept right? Yea. Well, getting naughty kids bombs and good presents really brightens your day.
Gameplay: 9.5/10.0
Splendid! I must take my hat off, a third time. This was by far one of the most enjoyable OHR experiences next to Wandering Hamster I'd say. You're a fool if you don't at least give this a shot. The gameplay is quick and fun.
Music: 5/10.0
Jingle bells... Silent night....You get the picture. Or in this case the tune. Fit good though.
Enjoyment: 8.5/10.0
A sequel or an expansion would be nice. More levels, and maybe something to kill Santa and this could be one of my top 10 games. I enjoyed it none the less. It was a good game and I can say that proudly. Good job you two!
Overall Grade: B
Final Thoughts
    Jingle bells, Santa wants revenge. He hates the kids whove been bad and wants to praise the kids are good in this neighborhood, Hey! Hehe.  

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