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Castle Paradox
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 1) 2 hits
+2 virtual schoolv0point5 by Shadow_outlaw_X aka Chappell J
+1 Timestream Saga Second Edition by Fenrir-Lunaris
+1 Tri-Tear Revolution by Sparoku
 2) 1 hits
+1 OHR Trading Card Game, The by Moogle1
-1 Final Fantasy H by Fenrir-Lunaris
Run Run Zombie Revoloution vs. jabbercat
Run Run Zombie Revoloution nice floor boards
Download: 161 KB
Play Time: hours and 40 minutes
Review # 1 for jabbercat nice floor boards
Them's Fightin' Words
    Sarah wakes up , to find all her family gone and the house empty . Yet , she couldn't help going into town...
    The graphics on the whole are quite good , with toning and shading . Although the graphics are good , sometimes they are undiscernible such as when you first fight "the thing" . When I first saw it , I couldn't help thinking of the potted cactus in Wandering Hamster. The "dance" graphics with the arrows were quite terrible with the S looking like a five and the up arrow is far too small, making it very hard to hit.  
    The story is quite good but never really pulls you in , making you want to keep playing . But it is very halloweeny . It starts with you playing as a girl that wakes up in her house , completely alone and with all the furniture missing . After a few miniutes she decides to either go to bed or go outside . If you go to bed , you get to wake-up and a voice (ahem) gives you a save point or else you go into town anyway. When she reaches town , she remembers that today is halloween .

After encountering "The Thing" , she wanders around the town until she gets to the cavern and finds out what happened to her family
    I found that the dance system was far too hard to use and that the way the NPCs danced around the screen a bit distracting . Your hero moves a bit too slow and really got on my nerves .  
    Well , the battles are in a custom system that features the dance-mat system . As I have no rythm , I sucked , but fear not , most of you should be able to get through it after a while. The "battle" was actually very boring and I really didn't want to play it anymore but the worst thing was that the enemy graphic was completely bizzare and moved too much , causing great distraction.  
  Map Design
    Well , there weren't too many maps , and they were fairly small , so you never really were wondering where to go.  
    Well quite frankly there was no balance . The battles were far too hard , they were very unclear as to what was what .  
    The music that was in the game , was quite fitting and was placed well . The battle music really suited the style of the game , but I never found the music catching or too scary.  
    On the whole , it was a new experience , whether I had fun of not , I cant really say , but if the game wasn't so hard , I would probably have enjoyed the game much more ,if the dances hadn't killed me in five seconds flat.  
Final Blows
    Overall the graphics were pretty well done and the maptiles were very atmospheric with really amazing plotscripting going on , but the balance(more the lack of it) was trully appaling
Err , The thing! DIE!

Err , The thing! DIE!
Final Scores
Graphics: 7/10.0
The graphics were nice , with clear shading and nice toning, but the thing graphics were illegible.
Storyline: 5.5/10.0
nice story line , not too well resolved , but a constant theme.
Gameplay: 2.5/10.0
The hero moved too slow , the battles were almost impossible , oh , when will it end?
Music: 6/10.0
The music was well done (yay Setu!) and was well placed
Enjoyment: 3/10.0
If it wasn't for the hardness of the battles , I would have liked it much more.
Overall Grade: D+
Final Thoughts

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