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Castle Paradox
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 1) 2 hits
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 2) 1 hits
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vs. Eggie
How 'bout... no.
Download: 22B
Play Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Review # 1 for Eggie How 'bout... no.
Them's Fightin' Words
    Okay, this game was, well interesting. Everything sort of made it cool. The theme, the graphics everything was absolutely cool. I mean, it was the best Holloween game. I guess I never noticed this, and I am really upset, because I would love to change my rating on this game, because it is right cool.
    Okay. Graphics. The graphics were good, but what was up with the pure white eyes. They were scary. But overall they were good. It seemed everyone had a unique sprite set, but then again there wasn't a lot of sprites anyway. The dark colour outline effect was effective. That was a good alternate than black outline. I use that. The only problems were some of the grpahics were lacking detail, and some used a whole different method to art. Some grpahics just used the spraypaint effect, but overall pretty good.  
    The storyline was very unique and had a good developement. It was good how you find out more of those "Hidden Gaps" later in the game to keep you thinking until the point where info is revealed in a mysterious and dwelling part. Also the storyline was very unique. 3 Kids, go to chase some bad guys. Finding out little bits of information as they travel. The start you would be thinking this is like a silly Halloween theme where they have to go around houses and get candy, but it expands from that, and you have your surprises.  
    The bad things were the spell learning techniques. It was basically FF4. Level up, gets some specials. It was pretty basic. Other than that the gameplay was pretty good, because there was no need to level up and the battles you needed to think through. All of the items were used often, except the offensive items, since they were relatively useless due to lack of power.  
    It was kind of a button pusher, but you had to think about your moves when fighting bosses. Most of the attacks were not repetetive. Example, Fire-1, Fire-2, Fire-3, etc. They don't have any of that. The attacks are unique and special. The offensive items could of used a boost. And also Josh's Small heal attack was too small. It was relatively useless. Also, it got easy when you could just decrease the opponent's accuracy.  
  Map Design
    The maps were very well done. The combination with path and secrets was good. Also, there were little crevises that were just there, making an uneven wall path. The caves had little mazes in and tricks, like switches.  
    Overall, the whole gameplay was good. No need to train, unless you want off easy. All the items were limited, upbringing a unique challenge involving the storage of items for more important occasions.  
    The music was not completely original (I think), but the slection of "Who Are You?" and the FF9 Victory were very well chosen. All of the battle music and atmospehere was very atmospherical to the scary theme. Like "Sephiroth's Basement" and the boss and path music. It has those instruments and speeds to install the creepy Holloween sound effect, even if it is hard to do that without sound effects.