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Rampaging Guinea Pig (48hours entry) vs. RedMaverickZero
Rampaging Guinea Pig (48hours entry) Rarrr!!! It's Chewie!!! (An awesome title screen!)
Download: 206 KB
Play Time: hours and 6 minutes
Review # 11 for RedMaverickZero Rarrr!!! It's Chewie!!! (An awesome title screen!)
Them's Fightin' Words
    By now everyone knows Fenrir's gaming style. It's definitely something original. And through this game you see his old spirtes put to good use. Even if this game was very short and extremely buggy, it's still a fun game you can't help but play.
    As I just said, the graphics were entirely ripped from Fenrir's newest game, TimeStream Saga Second Edition. Anyways, I'd say the most original graphics drawn for this game were Chewie, the main character who obviouslly hates being used for animal testing, and the various powerups and stuff that kills you. Such as the clock that casts haste on the furry little gineau pig that makes him speed up dramatically. And then the radioactive waste that kills our furry gineau pig with an attitude. The graphics could've looked better, like maybe made the game look like Chewie was actually in a mouse lab. That was the main bummer to me, the maptiles. But then again, the game was made in like a day.  
    No real storyline. This was mostly a puzzle game. But for what I could tell, it was the story of a rampaging gineau pig fighting to get even with his anthro masters. He was not exactly the most pleasant pet to own.  
    Gameplay was very limited. There were four levels and each with the exception of the last level could be beaten in mere seconds, a minute at the most if you read the text. But the bad part about reading the text was that you would lose the person you were gonna hunt down. Because in this game, Chewie has to chase down the various cameos from TSSE to beat the level. For instance, level 1 included chasing down Kyle. Obviosully not too much thought was put into this part of the game. I guess it was just Fenrir trying to get a game in for the 48 Hour Contest.  
  Map Design
    Map Design was kinda bad. I mean, the maptiles certainly didn't help at all. The maps were very big and easy to get lost in, and the items in the game (mostly the radioactive waste) were very easy to get trapped into touching. And when you touched it you had to start ALL OVER from the top. Watching the intro which was about the longest thing in the game too... That was one of the worst things I saw in the game. They could've at least made you dizzy or something and made you restart the level.  
    The levels weren't too balanced but you could definitely tell some of the game was thought out, rather than making text and NPCs and placing them where ever you felt was a good idea. But more thought into Map Design would've supported the balance a lot more.  
    Music was pretty good. The majority was ripped and most of it included the theme "Kyle's Mom's a Big Fat Bitch" from South Park. It sounds quite hilarious on BAM format too. Music definitely helped support the game, where it helped the loss of gameplay, the music picked up. Made it much more enjoyable.  
    I mostly enjoyed this game because the NPCs looked cool and the musical tunes were very catchy. Then again, I'm weird so the weird things are what inspire me to play a game. Rather than the traditonal stuff most gamers try and make which is mostly always the same... Like one big Final Fantasy game. The puzzle genre is something more people should do, it's a lot more fun in my personal opinion, and not even that hard to make, just takes patience.  
Final Blows
    Honestly, this is the game that inspired me to make Mr.Triangle's Maze Madness. I loved the idea of a maze game. And this game was so great and funny, because of Chewie's hilarious dialouge and everything. So yeah, everyone should check this game out, even if it's so very short and stuff. But it's still great, so check it out!
Chewie has good reason to hate anthros, and here is his anger toward a cameo character! What and angry rodent!

Chewie has good reason to hate anthros, and here is his anger toward a cameo character! What and angry rodent!
Final Scores
Graphics: 5/10.0
Ripped from old games, but those graphics were still very good. And the only bad point of this game was the maptiles which deserved a lot more work.
Storyline: 2.5/10.0
Not really much here. But I guess you could say that a crazy negative attitude gineau pig who hates being used as a lab experiment is a good storyline right? Anyways, this wasn't the stronghold, because of it's game genre it didn't need much storyline.
Gameplay: 2/10.0
5 minutes isn't exactly much to say for gameplay is it? Didn't think so. But for the fact that there were 4 levels and a decent intro give is a 2.0.
Music: 5/10.0
Catchy and great! One of the strongholds of this game! Makes you sing the kyle's moms a big fat bitch song as you play too! Awesomeness!
Enjoyment: 3/10.0
The music and the NPCs were what this game enjoyable. And Chewie's bad attitude towards everything made it that much better. This game is not the greatest, but for the short experience, it was great.
Overall Grade: D+
Final Thoughts
    Puzzle games are showing they can rival the OHR's infinite RPG list! And this game and a few others are showing that more and more!  

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