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Castle Paradox
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The Quest for the Bone
Game is in demo stage
Download: 793 KB Added Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:11 pm
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Description [-]
Decades have passed since the banishment of Ed and the coming of Niak. Growing up in Orob, the elders taught of evil sorceres known as bones living outside the city walls. The bones had been at war with Niak since the banishment of Ed, and were begining to lose the war. Niak seeks artifacts of great power hidden throughout the valley to liberate the other cities from the bone infestation.

Soot was a young human, one race of many living relatively peacefully within Orob. Like the other inhabitants, he had no contact with the other cities of the valley, even though those cities were populated solely with others of his race. One day his roommate claimed to have encountered a bone within the city walls. Shortly after, the roommate disappeared, and his narrow view of the world in which he lived in changed forever. This is the story of what comes after.

Demo is uploaded. The first two rank advancement quests can be undertaken, the other four are not included as part of this demo. The demo should take anywhere from 30-60ish minutes to comlpete. Most of the attributes come from what the character has equipped as well as their rank. Levels raise these atributes further, so its better to buy/find good equipment than it is to level grind.See the journal for screenshots and to leave any questions/comments/bug notices.

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