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OHR Typewriter
This is the final version
Download: 7 KB Updated Wed May 24, 2006 7:58 am
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Description [-]
What the fuck? How was this not on CP before now? Arguably the worst product to bear the OHR name (In this case, OHR Stands for "Ornate Heraldry Reader", for the lawyers in teh crowd) OHR Typewriter is available here just as it would've been during Divine Bovine's 528 Hour contest. I have done nothing to taint the historical accuracy of it's horrificness. My actual entry for said contest remains unfinished. I told myself if it came down to 48 hours, and I was nowhere near done, I'd just slap together a word processor, and call it a day. Gentlemen, it was a day. One day, I shall surely do better.

(The screenshot is taken from the Reasonably Septaweekly coverage of the game. The poem is attributed to Synial in that article, and it served as his IRC quit message for as long as I remember. In English, and typed with a proper word processor, it should read as (roughly):
The bathhouses of Ancient Rome are large and steamy. Full of naked men, hopefully not too clingy. They do the dance of manhood, they touch, they grab, they grope. But the unluckiest one of them all, is the one who drops the soap.)

This game can cause eye cancer and birth defects. Be warned.

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