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Mr Smileys Adventure
This is the final version
Download: 116 KB Added Sat Feb 01, 2003 8:23 pm
Total Download count: 227
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Description [-]
My first ever finished OHR game. Kind of cheesy, but what the hay!

You play as Mr.Smiley, a farmer. who sends out to the Warp rooms to save the Baby Smileys and prevent a evil beast from attacking The land of smileys!!!

Its only a couple of hours long. There are no random battles, only bosses.

Its basically a puzzle game.

In order to open the next level, you need to get all of the babys in the current level.

Here it is! Have fun!

And remember, i made this right when i first started and was just figuring the stuff out. and it was only made for laughs. just a warning ^_^

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