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Castle Paradox
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Game is in production
Download: 2.01 MB Updated Mon Mar 01, 2004 2:39 pm
Total Download count: 430
Number of reviews: 1
Average Grade: B-
Number of ratings: 1
Average rating: 1.0000
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Description [-]
This is a newer version of the game: "Moris Shifter"
I gave it a beggining which I think makes a lot more sense, the characters are quite different, and have different names... (the main character isn't named Moris anymore... hence the title change) really there's very little similarity.

It's mainly here for my friends to access it, but if you want to enjoy what little there is, go ahead. Enjoy... and try to ignore the playtesting add-ins... unbalanced battles etc. If you find a bug, no matter how insignificant, please please, private message me or something.

The older version, "Moris Shifter" had a flattering review, considering the fact
that there is no gameplay... :-)

All the graphics, music, and gameplay was created by me, Bagne.

Update info: I've currently got the first map made- only I haven't uploaded it yet. I want to balace the battles first. This could take a while.
Each and every metaphysical world is in danger. The troll-bunnies aren't to see the best of times, the cites in the clouds won't survive for much longer, and the twisted world of Boambo-Kaboo will end. Why? Nobody really knows, not even the hero.

This hero, creations only hope, due to unfortunate circumstance is quite unaware of the role he is to play in saving the world... in fact, he doesn't even know his own name.

How can an innocent, ignorant, and not to mention dumbfounded individual save everyone from swift destruction?

It's hard to say, but nevertheless, it appears that we're in store for an adventure.

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Review # 1
  Reviewed by Pepsi Ranger
  Playtime: 0 hours and 25 minutes
  Overall: B-
  "Even though I’m rating this game much higher than it probably deserves, I think there are way too many hidden gems among the mess of inconsistency to justify overlooking it. I’m dissatisfied with the overall presentation (largely because I don’t want to edit somebody’s game in order to play it), but the graphics, the music, the dialogue, and the gimmicks are far too clever to pass this one over. It’s a hefty download, but great for ideas, so take a chance on Moris Shifter. You might be glad you did…maybe.

Thought of the Day:

Moris, the star, has no arms. Kloddwick, the buddy, has a head that disappears into big shoulders.

Has somebody been watching too much Homestar Runner lately?

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