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 1) 2 hits
+2 Puckamon by FnrrfYgmSchnish
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Fyre Emblem
Game is in production
Download: 899 KB Updated Sun Dec 25, 2005 6:01 pm
Total Download count: 373
Number of reviews: 1
Average Grade: D+
Number of ratings: 0
Average rating: N/A
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Description [-]
Merry Christmas! I've uploaded a bug-free version. Unfortunately, it's still far from being a demo.

This is just a back-up file. If you feel like downloading it, I urgently suggest that you read the included FIGHTING TUTORIAL.DOC before playing. It helps. Up to now, there are...four real battles with the new battle engine. Just so you guys know and all.

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Review # 1
  Reviewed by FireEmblemPride
  Playtime: Nil hours and 20 minutes
  Overall: D+
  "The game itself isn't really at fault - it is the creator for half-assing every aspect of the game except the battle system, and that even needs a little work. But if given a chance, this game could be a hit."

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