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Awegra-The Secret of the Portal
Game is in demo stage
Download: 64 KB Added Sat Feb 01, 2003 8:23 pm
Total Download count: 481
Number of reviews: 1
Average Grade: D
Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 0.0000
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Description [-]
Note that this is a sneak peek. You will not be able to get all those charactors by simply talking to them in the future updates.

There are now 4 walkabouts for your party.

There is no current storyline implemented, although, I have it in mind.

Battle graphics are currently just sticks, except for the snake which you fight in battle.

Flowers outside your home can be trampled.

The character blinks at random intervals!

As you will notice there are faerie type creatures that seem to follow you around. Although they do not have any interaction properties now, they will serve a small role purpose in the gameplay soon.


SORRY ABOUT THE low quality screenshot. I had to save it in JPG format.

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Review # 1
  Reviewed by Seth
  Playtime: 0 hours and 10 minutes
  Overall: D
  "Awegra is a game for a beggining scripter to see how plotscripting can be used well. Other than that, the lack of playability is a letdown.

A 'D' for encouragement. This could be a good game. "

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