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    1) Moyos Theme by Obright
    2) Hydra Shrine by Obright
    3) Ode by Obright
    4) Hellas Theme by Obright
    5) Cave Dweller by Obright
Shadowiii vs Santa Barbara Airport DX: THE ALBUM
This is the final version
Download: 10.23 MB Added Wed Jun 01, 2005 9:12 pm
Total Download count: 320
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Description [-]
Soundtrack inspired by the hit game. Features six incredible tracks!

1. S.III. vs SBA DX: THE SONG (mp3) - Written by Shadowiii and his bro, Fighterpilot27, it is perhaps the single greatest song ever written!
2. Starfire - Dragonforce (midi) - The intense and nerve-wracking title-screen music!
3. Black Winter Night - Dragonforce (midi) - The hardcore and mad-whack ghetto main theme of the game! Relive the memories!
4. Valley of the Damned - Dragonforce (midi) - The speedy metal, awesome killer track when you lose! Don't let the terrorists win!
5. S.III. vs SBA DX: THE SONG: DJ I.C. UNDRPNTZ DANCE REMYX - The hottest thing on the dance floor this century! The techno remix of the hit single! Now you can bring it to a dance and get you groove on with all the ladies! Featuring a killer beat!
6. N/A

Get your copy today! Features full album art! And don't forget to get the main game, S.III. vs SBA DX today, and relive the experience!

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