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Bugamon Quest
Bradford & Company Productions
Game is in demo stage
Download: 129 KB Added Sat Sep 04, 2004 2:28 pm
Total Download count: 387
Number of reviews: 3
Average Grade: F
Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 0.0000
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Description [-]
From O:OHR
One of the most infamous OHR games to date.

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Review # 1
  Reviewed by Chaos Nyte
  Playtime: hours and minutes
  Overall: F-
  "This review is pointless. No one in there right mind would play this game for it's title alone, much less for fun."
Review # 2
  Reviewed by Dalaran
  Playtime: hours and minutes
  Overall: F-
  "Overall this game is really bad, really bad. It needs a lot of work. (Fortunately, less than one hour. Also the instructions are in MS Word)"
Review # 3
  Reviewed by Pepsi Ranger
  Playtime: hours and minutes
  Overall: F+
  "With so many flaws and weaknesses, it's hard to claim that this game is a winner. But I'm gonna call it a winner anyway because we're all winners."

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