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Fate of Nights - Verse 2: Tale Revelation

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Game is in production
Added Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:40 pm
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Description [-]
A tragic past. A desperate future. The Star foresees a new disturbance. Xalius locked his memories away, but it's the only key to stopping an enemy from long ago. The sacred relics known as the Moments are the price for salvation, but little does anyone know, sadness is seen only in the eyes of the suffering...

Sent on a search and rescue mission, Xalius and his father Trenesius, Atrunia's best Spirit Guardians, brave a tunnel that has mysteriously been infested with untold creatures. Upon their discoveries is the presence of a mythical Fragment Beast. But what brought this beast's awakening? Were the legends true? Have the sacred Moments summoned a gathering, which will bring forth a great cataclysm?

Project Details available here: Fate of Nights project page

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